I’m all soggy like Eeyore!

umbrella 2

Rain, rain, go away, Rosie doesn’t want a flight delay!


I always have the worst luck when it comes to traveling. Nine times out of ten, my flights are always delayed, and then somehow, I end up running to my connecting flights. Hoping for the best today, but always preparing for the worst! That’s the Army way, hooah!



What I’ll be reading on my vacation

Tomorrow I take a very long journey back to the USA, about 25 hours, door to door. It’s a 2 hour bus ride, waiting in the airport for a few hours, then 13 hours to my layover, 2 hours there (YUM AMAERICAN FOOD!), and then 2 hours to Philly. Then the shortest and best part of my journey, 20 minutes to my house in NJ chauffeured by my parents.

I have a jet-lag plan (again) and I hope it works this time. Last time my trip back was way longer: I had three layovers and the total door to door time was more like 35 hours. I tried not to sleep at all and drank lots of caffeine, it was an epic fail and I was sick for over a week. This time I plan on eating light starting today at lunch, to try to fix my eating schedule to America time. Then I am going to drink tons of extra water (even though I drink a lot already.) I am going to wake up early tomorrow and only drink my morning coffee (no more caffeine the rest of the trip.) I’m not going to eat a big lunch at the airport tomorrow and I am going to try to avoid all airplane food. I am going to sleep 6 hours when my flight leaves Korea and then stay awake for the rest of my trip, when I land at my layover, I am going to eat a big dinner because it will be dinner time, then I will not eat again until I wake up safely in my childhood bed the next day. Let’s hope this works!

Since I will be awake a lot on my trip, I have planned out some reading material.

keeping faith

I downloaded Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult when it was on sale a few weeks ago, and I just started to read it last night. This will be my airport and airplane reading material to the USA.

fly away

When I get back, I have Fly Away by Kristin Hannah waiting for me. I pre-ordered it and it was delivered on April 23. Fly away is the sequel to Firefly Lane, which I read last year. Kristin Hannah has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I fell in love with the characters from Firefly Lane and I am so excited to reconnect with them in Fly Away.


On my way back to Korea, I plan on reading Twerp by Mark Goldblatt, which will be released on May 28. This is Mark Goldblatt’s first Young Adult novel and I am excited to read it. I read on Netgally that it’s for any lovers of Jerry Spinelli, and I love him.


I also plan on finding the Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti while I am home, and hope to re-read that, too, on my way back to Korea.

I will be going to two book sales while I am back home, and hope to get some great books there too! I have been itching for some good book sales; I haven’t been to any in over a year!!

Kindle Deal: Easy Muffin Tin Meals

This week only, you can download Easy Muffin Tin Meals from Amazon for your Kindle for only 99 cents (normally $3.99)! I don’t know about you, but I love making muffin meals. Muffin tin meals are great for portion control and are easy to cook ahead of time to reheat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are over 30 great recipes, in this cookbook, waiting for you to try out! (includes pictures!)


Download this Kindle cookbook today so that you don’t miss out on some yummy meals that your family will love! Amazon Prime Members can borrow it for FREE!

For the love of books!

The other day, while we were at the Seoul National Cemetery, I stumbled upon a book sale. I started to jump up and down (quite literally) and told Jim that I was going to look at the books. He said, “Rose, you can’t read Korean!” And I replied, “Oh, I’m sure I will find something!” And of course, I did.


This is a copy of Post Secret. Have you heard of it? People send in anonymous secrets to a guy named Frank Warren, who lives in Maryland, and then he puts them into a book, or on the internet. This version of the book is in English AND Korean. The Korean translation of the secret is either on the same page as the secret or on the opposite page. How cool is that? I told Jim I would find something I could read! Check out the Post Secret website.


I could have used this reminder a few months ago.

Cute Earth Day Video for Kids

earth day

Happy Earth Day everyone! I thought I would share the video I showed the kids I tutor today for Earth Day. It’s very informative for kids and has a cute storyline. (Also, oddly enough, the voices of the characters sound like the voices from Rugrats on Nickelodeon.)

Always remember, be kind to our planet, it’s the only one we have. REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE!

Seoul National Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea



People think going to a cemetery is creepy, and although I guess it could be thought of as so, I don’t think that way. This past week Jim and I went over to the Seoul National Cemetery. You can take the Line 4 from Seoul Station to get there, the exit takes you right up to the cemetery. I like when this happens because then we don’t have to go searching for the place, and then get lost.



The Seoul National Cemetery is a lot like the Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. (at least that’s what Jim said because I have never been there before.) It’s a beautiful place with lots to see.




We went on a perfect day: the Cherry Blossoms were out and it was warm and sunny. There’s a lot of walking involved at this destination so put on comfortable sneakers and bring snacks (I got hungry and we had to leave, I’m like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, I get angry when I’m not fed, FEED ME!) There is a lot of open space to have a picnic and read a good book; I read while Jim went around and took pictures.


Even though I hate “hiking,” climbing to the top of the cemetery was worth it. It was nice to look out over the city, I felt like I was actually in the mountains.