Friday Five

1. I’m not sure if it’s normal to be as obsessed with what you feed your kid as I am, but I think I may be overly obsessed. I’m kind of thinking about making Jimmie weekly menus, just so I don’t have to think about it all day, every day. I’m pretty much in love with this blog Yummy Toddler Food. The blogger, Amy, is my new favorite person. (I don’t actually KNOW her, but I love her because she blogs about healthy store-bought snack ideas and quick dinners for your kids. She’s kind of the coolest.)

2. Speaking of cool gals, I’m starting to like Kaitlyn, the new Bachelorette. The dates she went on this past Monday were awesome: boxing, comedy show, and underwater photo shoot. The underwater photo shoot was beyond fun and seriously romantic. And I guess I’m glad Britt found love too, even though her new boyfriend is kind of awkward/creepy.

3. Jimmie got his one-year-old shots yesterday. Saddest day EVER. He had to get five different pokes PLUS his blood drawn. The first time they poked him for the blood they couldn’t get the vein to cooperate, therefore, they had to poke him in the other arm. It was pretty traumatizing for both of us. I expect a cranky baby today. (Plus he is getting his other bottom molar.)

4. I bought a SIGNED copy of Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen from Target this week. I wasn’t in a rush to buy her newest book since I hated her last book, The Moon and More, but I just couldn’t turn down a signed copy, even if it was slightly more expensive than buying it off of Amazon.

5. On the way home from my amazing Target trip, I was attacked by either a grasshopper or a wasp, while driving….with the baby in the car. I was informed by both my brother and my husband that wasps and grasshoppers are completely different bugs, I beg to differ. Long story short, I had to pull over in a parking lot, jump out of the car, and shake my sillies out until said bug landed on the asphalt. I then proceeded to stomp on it to kill it. So long dear grasshopper/wasp.


Snack time was served in this beach dump truck. Cheerios and sand taste good together!


He was super excited about his Charlie Brown big boy cup. Entertainment for the entire Target trip.



He was loving the extra attention after his shots.

Recipe: Super Simple Crock-Pot Mandarin Orange Chicken


It has been a while since I posted a recipe. I made this a few nights ago. Not only was it a perfect meal for me and Jim, but Little Jimmie was able to eat it too. We even had leftover rice and green beans for the next night’s meal with meatballs.

Super Simple Crock-Pot Mandarin Orange Chicken


1/2 cup orange juice

1 packet Weber Citrus Herb Marinade Mix

1 small can (11 oz) mandarin oranges in pear juice

1-1 1/2 pounds chicken


1. Place uncooked chicken in Crock-Pot.

2. Sprinkle entire Weber seasoning mix on top of chicken.

3. Pour orange juice over chicken and seasoning mix.

4. Add mandarin oranges in pear juice to Crock-Pot.

5. Cook on low 6 hours or high 3-4 hours.

6. Serve with green beans a couscous/brown rice mix.

Memorial Day Weekend and Jimmie’s First Time at the Beach

What a great weekend! We could not have asked for better company or better weather. The house we stayed at in Bethany Beach was gorgeous. It was right on the bay in a nice little community. Jimmie had a blast playing with Lydia and I had a ton of much needed girl talk. Plus Jim was able to hang out with his best friends, which always makes me happy. The weekend was relaxing, rejuvenating, and fun.

Back to reality today and I must say, reality is harder to swallow after having such an amazing weekend. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and this weekend I felt the love of a village. I could just set Jimmie down and run to the bathroom. I knew that he would be safe when I came back because there were so many people to keep any eye on him. Jim and I even got to go on a breakfast date one morning while everyone else stayed at the house to play with Jimmie.

Jimmie really blossomed this weekend. He is now pulling up on everything, with ease, and mainly “real baby” crawling, except when he wants to get somewhere really fast. I think he learned a thing of two from Lydia. I love watching him interact with other people and kids. I also love that I can leave him and he doesn’t freak out. What a relief to be able to have some time to myself knowing that my baby is happy. Speaking of having some time to myself, I went to the pool for two hours and relaxed. It was glorious.






So sad I took him out of the pool!


First trip to the Atlantic Ocean


He prefers my Hello Kitty water bottle


Jimmie was fussy (getting second molar) so he didn’t wander completely into the sand and we didn’t stick his toes in the ocean.

FYI: Putting baby powder on your baby on the beach works, friends. It keeps the sand off of them while they play. Keeping them from eating sand is a whole other story, though. Baby powder will be a staple in our beach bag from here on out. I wish I knew this as a kid, then I wouldn’t have worn socks on the beach.

Friday Five

1. We’re at the beach this weekend in Delaware! I’m so excited to relax with friends for the next four days. Jimmie even has a little 8 month old playmate to spend time with, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever. Now if only he would go down for his nap, that would be even cuter.

2. I know I haven’t been keeping up with my Friday Fives as much. Having a mobile child is keeping me from doing as much blogging as I would like to. Jimmie now tries to pull up on EVERYTHING. Turning my back for one moment could lead to a disaster. He is also starting to crawl like a “normal” baby which is fun. Before it was just Army crawling all day long.

3. Not much going on in the home front. Toby is vacationing at my parent’s house this week, which he loves. One year from now we hope to have a great back yard for him to run around in and chase squirrels. The countdown on.

4. I have been making a lot of baby finger foods for Jimmie that I can freeze and take out when he can’t eat something we are eating. I made bean and rice (I added spinach) and cheese and egg mini muffins last week and Jimmie loves them. These muffins work well for traveling too.

5. I’m so glad Rumor and Val won Dancing with the Stars! They deserved it. Now that DWTS is over, I am focused on The Bachelorette again. I’m glad Kaitlyn won over Brittany. I really don’t like either of them, but I REALLY REALLY don’t like Brittany. Should be any interesting season, as always.



jimmie pulling up

Enjoy your long weekend, but don’t forget to think about why we have the freedom to relax, when those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and fought for our freedom, do not.

Book Review: Fat Girl Walking by Brittany Gibbons

FatgirlWalking HC C (1)

Brittany Gibbons is an online blogger/internet personality. She is known for being plus-sized and embracing it. Before I was asked to review this book, I had never heard of Brittany Gibbons. Sometimes I feel like I have been living under a rock for the past few years, so that could be one reason I had never heard of her. Also, I never really had an excuse to find her since being overweight isn’t really part of who I am. I’m not saying that to be rude, it’s just a fact. I’m not saying I never had weight issues, though, because hello pregnancy weight gain. I also felt insecure about my body after living in Florida for two months, fried food is no joke.

I’m really glad I had the opportunity to read Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin…Every Inch of It by Brittany Gibbons. It is laugh-out-loud funny and almost any woman can relate to it. Have you ever been insecure about any part of your body or yourself in general? Then this book is for you! If you’re reading this and you don’t have any issues with yourself, then good for you, but I highly doubt people like that exist.

Brittany Gibbons starts off her book reflecting on her childhood explaining how her body began to transform into what it is today. The entire book is filled with short stories and memories from her life. The beginning was a bit slow for my taste. With that being said, it started to get interesting when Brittany fell in love. I love a good love story. The middle part of the book is all about falling in love and having babies. I also love reading about babies. Brittany’s reaction to having children and raising them is hilarious. It really reminded me of Belly Laughs and Baby Laughs by Jenny McCarthy.

In her book, Brittany Gibbons talks about jobs, school, finding herself, dieting, losing herself, and finally how she learned to accept herself. When Brittany was in college her school adviser suggested that she should apply to different types of internships so that she could try out a variety of jobs. Even if it was something she had no interest in what-so-ever, she was encouraged to just try it for a few weeks and see how it went. I wish I had that opportunity in college, it’s a wonderful idea. How are we supposed to know what we want to do in life if we can’t try it out first?

“The next day I went to the arts and sciences department to switch my major to Undecided, but opted at the last minute to go with English, which my school adviser explained as being basically the same thing” Pg.75. English majors unite! When you don’t know what to be when you grow up, major in English, because you are probably already somewhat proficient in it.

In Fat Girl Walking, Brittany Gibbons reflects on how she was teased as a child, a teenager, and how she is still bullied as an adult. Just because people grow up doesn’t mean the bulling stops, which is sad. She speaks about how being constantly bullied not only makes her feel worse, but also makes her want to eat more. Brittany puts is all out there, doesn’t sugar coat her life, and she definitely doesn’t make excuses. She stresses that she loves food. (Don’t we all?) She also stresses that just because she isn’t skinny, doesn’t mean she is unhealthy. Which is true for some people, just not all. She specifically talks about how dieting made her look better (in other people’s minds,) but it didn’t make her feel better. When this happened she realized that  she had to learn how to love her body for what it is and stop trying to change it. (A challenge I’m sure we all face in regards to some aspect of our lives.)

BG Author Photo Credit Andy Gibbons

Brittany Gibbons is known for her public bikini wearing stunts and having sex with her husband EVERY DAY for a whole year. She talks about both of these radical experiments, which helped her become more comfortable in her own skin, in her book Fat Girl Walking on sale TODAY! You can also learn more about Brittany on her blog Brittany Herself.

Enter to win a copy!

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Jimmie’s Sesame Street Themed First Birthday Party

As I stated a few weeks ago, Jimmie was going to have two small first Birthday parties. Yesterday was the day of his second First Birthday party and the theme was Sesame Street. This kid sure does love Elmo, which is why I chose this oh-so-classic theme.


Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, and cucumber/tomato salad for an easy BBQ lunch. Elmo basket is from Target (after Easter sale.)


Plates, napkins, decor from Party City




I kind of dropped the ball when it came to photographing this party. I was so tired and I have been fighting a cold for over a week (Jimmie too). I remembered halfway through that I should take photos and even then, I forgot to turn the flash on. No one is perfect, right? At least Jimmie had fun and enjoyed more Birthday cake, and really that’s the only thing that matters to me.

That’s all folks! We are done with Jimmie’s First Birthday extravaganza. Many of Jimmie’s firsts are over, but he still has a few more ahead, including his first trip to the beach this weekend!

Happy 12 Months, Jimmie!

Even though Jimmie is one now, I figured I would continue with his monthly updates. I like looking back and seeing how he has changed. I am, however, done taking weekly photos. Can you believe I managed to take 52 photos without repeating an outfit? I wish I had 52 outfits!

Words Jimmie can say: Mama, Dada, nana (banana), du (duck), la la la, no

Favorites: Tofu, pulling up, throwing food to Toby during meals, looking out the window at the birds, reading Dear Zoo and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Weight: Around 23 pounds, his 1 year check-up is on Monday.

Firsts this month: Jimmie pulled up on his toy box and his play pen and van now go from lying on his back and tummy to sitting. He also cruises a bit in the playpen. He had his first piece of cake this month and played in the grass for the first time.

Nightly sleep schedule:  About the same as last month 7-7 but it needs to be tweaked now that he is off his nighttime bottle.

Favorite toy: Egg Shakers – this kid loves to make noise! Future percussionist, perhaps?

Hardest moment of the month: Putting Jimmie to bed his last night as a baby. He is such a big boy now!

Best moment of the month: Jimmie eating cake for the first time and saying bye to the bottles!






Jimmie’s First Birthday and Mother’s Day Recap

What a busy, busy weekend!

Jimmie had a great Birthday filled with library playing, Target shopping (he was not amused by this part,) pasta eating/finger painting with gravy, and donut eating (he wasn’t impressed.) We ended the day with his first time on a swing, which he loved!






happy birthday jimmie


Yes, those are tears.



Saturday we went to a bunch of yard sales where I got a few toys for Jimmie (they were small and 25 cents each!) and a shirt (for free!) We also stumbled upon a festival in Westminster, MD, where we had lunch. I had to hoover over Jimmie the whole time to make sure he didn’t get sunburn because I left the sunscreen in the car. He also had a rare pee leek onto his pants which ended in a no pants party. This fussy day of teething ended with a nap in the car.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, Jim made us pancakes for breakfast (my fav!) Then Jimmie and I had a Birthday party, which was more like, “Lets just talk about our kids the whole time because we really don’t have anything else in common” kinda thing. But the party was cute and Jimmie enjoyed jumping in the exersaucer. He also enjoying trying to steal someone else’s pacifier. He took home bubbles and a balloon, which will be fun to play with today. We ended the evening with homemade pizza and The Kate Plus 8 Mother’s Day Special (okay, I watched this alone.)




Friday Five

1. In case you didn’t know, today is Jimmie’s Birthday. (As if I didn’t post about it enough all week!) Jimmie woke up early so we were able to skype with my parents while we had breakfast. I am currently making gravy (red) for a his special pasta Birthday dinner. After lunch and nap #1, we are going to go to the library and then once Jim gets home, we are going to have dinner and then go to the park. We are also sneaking in some donut eating, Happy Birthday singing, and present opening time in there too.

2. Two nights ago I gave Jimmie his LAST bottle. At the time, I had no idea it was his last bottle. We did however, give him this bottle in the living room, instead on in his room right before bed, like he is used to. Since he didn’t do too bad going to sleep, we decided to change the bottle to a cup last night after our walk. I figured he was probably thirsty and would drink the milk. And I was right. He had just started drinking a significant amount of milk (more than a few sips) at the beginning of this week and I had hoped the transition would work out. We had been giving him milk for a month now, every day, but wouldn’t drink a lot. It took a little longer for him to fall asleep last night, but he did, and he slept through the night like normal. YAY! See ya never, bottles and formula!

3. This weekend is Mother’s Day. I am so happy that I get to share Jimmie’s Birthday weekend  with him because it’s when I became a mom. How special is that? Tomorrow we are going yard sale hunting  and on Sunday we have a Birthday party for another one year old that we know from the library. We will go to that for a bit and then Jim is making us pizza.

4. Chris Soules and Witney were kicked off Dancing With the Stars this week. It was time. They were okay, but not good enough for the semi-finals. I was kinda shocked when he and Witney (his partner, not fiance) kissed him on the LIPS when they found out they were leaving. I then googled if Chris and the other Whitney were still engaged, and sources are saying they may not be. Hmmm…

5. I finished the next Pretty Little Liars book Burned this week. It was seriously the worst one yet. In book 12, the girls are trying to figure out who the “new” A is (duh.) In Burned, all four girls go on a cruise for a class trip. (Who takes a cruise with their high school? Why didn’t I do to their school?) I have know idea why Sara Shepard decided to drag the series out so long. I’m so committed that I have to finish, but it’s becoming painful. 4 more books to go! (I seriously thought there were only 2 more. I just looked it up and I’m not happy that I still have to read four more.)






Happy First Birthday, Jimmie!

One year ago, you came into our lives.

When I woke up on the day you were born, I didn’t know that day was going to be your Birthday.  I cleaned the house just in case; I didn’t want to bring you home to a mess. When we went to see the doctor, he told us you would be safer in our arms than in my belly. We were scared, but excited too. After being in labor for less than 10 hours, you arrived at 10:18 PM. I was so happy you were not only healthy, but also happy that I didn’t have to labor through the night. You were already aware of my need for sleep. Before I closed by eyes to rest, we celebrated with Pop Tarts for dinner. I didn’t sleep that night, nor many nights to follow, but I forgive you. You were just a wee little baby and you needed my attention almost all of the time. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night, and I lie there and hope that you wake up and need me again so that being awake had meaning, but those days are few and far between.


Happy Birthday, little angel. The doctor was right, you were safer in our arms, and I am grateful for that. I’m going to hold you as tight as I can, for as long as I can. You’ll see, I’m never letting you go.


You can read more about Jimmie’s birth here.