Cinco de Mayo

For all you Americans who haven’t woken up on Cinco de Mayo yet, to party, I have a great last minute recipe for you!

Who doesn’t love a great churro? Jim and I became addicted to them on our Honeymoon in San Diego. Sadly, churros aren’t the best snack for you because they are fried, and not everyone has a deep fryer hanging around the house. Therefore, this is a great substitute for the original fried churro.

Churro Chex Snackers

I have never made any type of Chex Mix before, and I managed to make this without making too much of a mess. Okay, I spilled a lot of Chex on the floor and a ton of powdered sugar on the table, but other than that, it was mess free!

I substituted the cinnamon chips for white chocolate chips because our teeny tiny commissary over here did not carry cinnamon chips. This churro substitute snack tastes yum-o (thanks Rachael Ray for the word and the cookware,) delicious! I can’t wait to try the recipe with the cinnamon chips(send me some, Mom,) I bet it’ll taste even better!

Not only is it Cinco De Mayo here in Korea(I really only think the Americans are celebrating this one over here,) it is also Children’s Day, a Korean holiday.

I will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo at a friend’s apartment and then heading over to a Korean family’s house to talk about tutoring their two children. After, they are taking me out to Puffin’s, an American type restaurant, and I’m assuming the reason for dining out is because of Children’s Day.