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bethany beach

Please feel free to email me at:

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If you are looking for a book review, I am more than willing to consider reading and reviewing most books including ARC and finished copies.

I am most interested in:

*YA and MG novels in the genres of:

  • Chick-lit
  • Murder mystery
  • Humor
  • Dystopia
  • Non-fiction
  • Bildungsroman
  • Journal/Diaries

*Adult fiction in the genres of:

  • Chick-lit
  • Contemporary
  • Murder mystery
  • Humor
  • Irish Literature
  • Memoirs
  • Journal/diaries

Check out my Books I Love tab to see many of the books I have read so that you can get a better idea of what I would enjoy reading.

Book reviews that I am willing to write will be posted on here, Amazon, and Goodreads.  I will not be able to review every single book immediately, but will try to do so in a timely fashion.  With that being said, please let me know when you would like the book reviewed by when you email me.

I am also willing to review baby products. My son is almost 2.


2 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. mmach1 says:

    Ms Rosie, I like you website. I found a nice picture of an antique sewing machine that I would like to use in a book my mother is writing about activities of the children/ young adult in the 1930’s. Could I have permission to use it?

    Malcolm MacHauer MD

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