What I’ll be reading on my vacation

Tomorrow I take a very long journey back to the USA, about 25 hours, door to door. It’s a 2 hour bus ride, waiting in the airport for a few hours, then 13 hours to my layover, 2 hours there (YUM AMAERICAN FOOD!), and then 2 hours to Philly. Then the shortest and best part of my journey, 20 minutes to my house in NJ chauffeured by my parents.

I have a jet-lag plan (again) and I hope it works this time. Last time my trip back was way longer: I had three layovers and the total door to door time was more like 35 hours. I tried not to sleep at all and drank lots of caffeine, it was an epic fail and I was sick for over a week. This time I plan on eating light starting today at lunch, to try to fix my eating schedule to America time. Then I am going to drink tons of extra water (even though I drink a lot already.) I am going to wake up early tomorrow and only drink my morning coffee (no more caffeine the rest of the trip.) I’m not going to eat a big lunch at the airport tomorrow and I am going to try to avoid all airplane food. I am going to sleep 6 hours when my flight leaves Korea and then stay awake for the rest of my trip, when I land at my layover, I am going to eat a big dinner because it will be dinner time, then I will not eat again until I wake up safely in my childhood bed the next day. Let’s hope this works!

Since I will be awake a lot on my trip, I have planned out some reading material.

keeping faith

I downloaded Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult when it was on sale a few weeks ago, and I just started to read it last night. This will be my airport and airplane reading material to the USA.

fly away

When I get back, I have Fly Away by Kristin Hannah waiting for me. I pre-ordered it and it was delivered on April 23. Fly away is the sequel to Firefly Lane, which I read last year. Kristin Hannah has quickly become one of my favorite authors. I fell in love with the characters from Firefly Lane and I am so excited to reconnect with them in Fly Away.


On my way back to Korea, I plan on reading Twerp by Mark Goldblatt, which will be released on May 28. This is Mark Goldblatt’s first Young Adult novel and I am excited to read it. I read on Netgally that it’s for any lovers of Jerry Spinelli, and I love him.


I also plan on finding the Queen of Everything by Deb Caletti while I am home, and hope to re-read that, too, on my way back to Korea.

I will be going to two book sales while I am back home, and hope to get some great books there too! I have been itching for some good book sales; I haven’t been to any in over a year!!


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