Hello Kitty Cafe in Seoul, South Korea (near Hongik University)

hello kitty

The Hello Kitty Cafe has been on the top of my list of places to visit in Korea since I found out it existed. I have been a Hello Kitty fan since I was 15. I can honestly say that coming to Korea has not only heightened my love for Hello Kitty, but has turned it into an obsession. (as if asking for the Hello Kitty bedset for my 16th Birthday wasn’t an obsession…)

I had been trying to figure out which Hello Kitty Cafe location was best for us to visit (there are several) and I finally chose the one near Hongik University in Seoul. We took the train from AK Plaza in Pyeongtaek to Seoul, then took Subway Line 1 to City Hall and then transferred to Subway Line 2 to Hongik University. From there we took exit number 9, walked straight out of the exit past the first left (it was immediately after we walked out the exit) and turned down our second left (there was a TGI Fridays on our left as we turned.) We walked to the first cross walk and turned right to cross the street. We then turned right again when we were across the street and made our first left at this corner:IMG1025We continued to walk on the left side of the road and looked left as we walked. The Hello Kitty Cafe was on our left down a small ally. (It is directly past the Ho Bar, but there is more than one Ho bar in this area.)


The Hello Kitty Cafe is AWESOME! This place is a MUST SEE for any Hello Kitty fan or anyone with little girls who like Hello Kitty. There are two levels; we sat on the top-level where there is more seating. Hopefully, I’ll be able to go back before I leave, or visit another location; it is just too cute!





The place is overpriced, but what do you expect? It’s Hello Kitty. I was going to get what I wanted because how many people can actually say they had a Hello Kitty cake in Korea? Not many.


The cakes go fast, so get there early! All of the cakes are 10,000 Won. The flavors include: strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. I chose the strawberry cake and it was delicious. The outside isn’t icing, it’s more like a strawberry jelly, and the inside was vanilla cake with strawberry jelly in-between the layers. I also had a vanilla latte. It wasn’t anything above average, but the design on top was what made it the best latte ever.



My husband had the chocolate bread, and that was pretty good too (and not as expensive!) They also have Hello Kitty waffles, brownies, cheesecake, and tiramisu.




The Hello Kitty Cafe is a pink explosion; I was as happy as a pig in mud the entire time. I wanted to spend the whole day there, but my husband did not feel the same. We will have to go back to for my Birthday, though.






DSC_0051Make sure you make a trip to the bathroom, Hello Kitty is everywhere in there too! I took the bathroom photos since it was a women’s bathroom.



I had an amazing time at the Hello Kitty cafe. It was everything I hoped for and more! This memory will last a lifetime.


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