Baby M’s Nursery: The Dr. Seuss Quilt

It has been months since I updated about Little Jimmie’s nursery. Even though we have been working on it often, it really takes a lot of work and planning. I have been determined to get it all done before the little guy arrives and I think we pretty much accomplished my mission. All we have left to do is hang up ONE shelf!

Today and tomorrow I want to share with you some handmade items made by my mother-in-law, my Dad, and myself. First, I have been anxiously waiting to share this amazing quilt that Jim’s mom made! A lot of the fabric comes from not only here in the States, but also from Korea.

I found this Dr. Seuss idea through Pinterest. We were thrilled to discover that there was even a tutorial attached to the design. Originally, the idea stemmed from  a wall hanging, but my mother-in-law made it larger so that it could be a baby quilt. The original wall hanging she based Little Jimmie’s quit is from the blog a cuppa and and a catch up, and here is the tutorial. (Can also be used to make a super cute pillow!)

Without further adieu, Little Jimmie’s handmade, one of a kind, baby quilt!






100_6438Not only is this quilt super-duper cute, but it’s also practical because it will be great for tummy time! Jimmie can lay on the blanket with his toys and peek under the bunting. He is going to have so much fun discovering which character is under each fabric piece.

To go along with the bunting theme and feel of the room, I whipped up this little bunting banner, the other day, with some fabric scraps I had.

100_6439mobile – Babies “R” Us (I scored mine on a discount rack for $11.99!)


Here is the tutorial I used for the bunting banner. I am the worst with measuring and all that stuff you’re supposed to be good at when you sew, so I eye-balled it all; it’s handmade, so it’s not supposed to be perfect. Plus, I really haven’t invested in sewing tools yet, minus a machine and a pair of scissors; I need to get on that.

And just to add a little more Dr. Seuss into the room, my mother-in-law helped me make this curtain valance (she measured and was the patient one during the project, I just tried to sew straight lines.) You can’t have a Dr. Seuss room without The Cat in the Hat, I think it’s a perfect addition to the cutest room. I told Jim we better not show these pictures to our next child, or have an equally spectacular room. Don’t worry, I already have a theme in mind.

100_6441lamp shade-Ikea

Tomorrow I will post the fabulous artwork my dad painted (there are 11!) Two of which are what I based our entire Dr. Seuss baby room theme on. I’ll also post the BIG PICTURE soon, the whole nursery.


37 Weeks Pregnant: Full Term WOOHOO!


How far along: 37 weeks
Gender: boy
Weight gain: 30 pounds
Maternity clothes: I want my old clothes back.
Stretch marks: Nope
Belly button in or out: Flat and weird
Sleep: I had an amazing night’s sleep last night after a long day. The rest of the week’s sleep was crappy.
Best moment this week: Easter!
Worst moment this week: Not being able to walk Toby as much.
Miss anything: Being skinny.
Movement: Jimmie is enjoying poking his mom’s ribs.
Cravings: Waffles
Queasy or sick: Back hurts….still.
Looking forward to: Jimmie making his debut!

Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland

blueCricket is a popular lacrosse star at an all-girls high school in Providence, RI. She has it all: a best friend, Jules; her best friend’s family; and the cutest boy, Jay, at her rival school within reach. Problem is, her best friend’s family isn’t her family, her family is unmistakably broken, and her best friend is about to go through the worst summer of her life after a family tragedy.

After making plans to go to Nantucket with Jules to party, get a job, win Jay’s heart, and lay in the sun all summer, Cricket is ready to give up her crummy babysitting job in Rhode Island to have the summer of her life. When her invitation to stay with Jules is revoked, Cricket tries to find a way to make her summer dreams come true on her own. After arriving in Nantucket, realizing she has nowhere to live, work, and no one to hang out with, Cricket has to figure out where it all went wrong, and how to fix it. Between scrubbing toilets, reading her mom’s secret Emily Dickinson diary, falling in love with the wrong guy, and making new friends, Cricket ends up learning what life is truly about.

I loved Nantucket Blue by Leila Howland from start to finish. It was a light read about summer love and friendship, two of my favorite topics. I have become obsessed with Nantucket, and this made me fall even more in love with the vacation spot of my dreams. I particularly liked Cricket’s mom’s diary and how it was weaved into the storyline without much effort. All of the story lines in this novel tied together nicely , and never became confusing. I was never left wondering who was who, why they were a part of the story, and how and if their lives were going to affect each other’s.

The best part about the story was the romance between Cricket and the “wrong” guy. It makes you remember summer love and how you wished it would never end. The romance wasn’t just thrown into the story, it was slowly introduced and then built on throughout the chapters. What I didn’t like was how Jules and Cricket fought so much. I thought it was abrupt and could have been handled differently, although if it was handled different, the entire story would have been different.

I enjoyed reading about what goes on throughout a small island with locals and how summer isn’t just about fun and games to them, although most of the time it seems like it is. I enjoyed picturing the ocean, feeling the sun on my skin, and imagining my summer while reading this page-turner by Leila Howland. I can not wait to read Nantucket Red which will be available on May 13.


36 Weeks Pregnant

100_6423I know you what you guys are thinking: When is she going to have this baby already!? I am starting to think the same thing too. Only one week left until full term. If we were going by my original due date (which I still swear by) May 6, I am already full term!

How far along: 36 weeks
Gender: boy
Weight gain: 28 pounds
Maternity clothes: Maternity clothes all day and Jim’s shirts at night. My t-shirts don’t even fit anymore and I had to buy big PJ shorts to wear to bed. This is getting out of hand.
Stretch marks: Nope, but I can’t imagine stretching anymore.
Belly button in or out: Flat. Still hasn’t POPPED!
Sleep: Sleeping still sucks but has been a bit better this week, but that is not saying much.
Best moment this week: Organizing the baby’s room and installing the car seat!
Worst moment this week: My back starting to hurt while walking. Usually, it just hurts when sitting, now it just hurts ALL THE TIME.
Miss anything: Wearing normal pants.
Movement: Jimmie is moving a lot. We think he’s ready to arrive and so are we!
Cravings: Sprite and anything grape.
Queasy or sick: Back hurts and I’m tired, but not sleepy tired just exhausted from carrying a child around in my stomach.
Looking forward to: Easter on Sunday, seeing family, and hopefully popping Little Jimmie out soon (before my belly button pops!)

Daily Kindle Deal: The Good Luck of Right Now by Matthew Quick

good luckThere’s a great Kindle deal today on Amazon for Matthew Quick’s newest novel, The Good Luck of Right Now. I have yet to read it, but I LOVED The Silver Linings Playbook.

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Call it fate. Call it synchronicity. Call it an act of God. Call it . . . The Good Luck of Right Now. From the New York Times bestselling author of The Silver Linings Playbook comes an entertaining and inspiring tale that will leave you pondering the rhythms of the universe and marveling at the power of kindness and love.

For thirty-eight years, Bartholomew Neil has lived with his mother. When she gets sick and dies, he has no idea how to be on his own. His redheaded grief counselor, Wendy, says he needs to find his flock and leave the nest. But how does a man whose whole life has been grounded in his mom, Saturday mass, and the library learn how to fly?

Bartholomew thinks he’s found a clue when he discovers a “Free Tibet” letter from Richard Gere hidden in his mother’s underwear drawer. In her final days, mom called him Richard—there must be a cosmic connection. Believing that the actor is meant to help him, Bartholomew awkwardly starts his new life, writing Richard Gere a series of highly intimate letters. Jung and the Dalai Lama, philosophy and faith, alien abduction and cat telepathy, the Catholic Church and the mystery of women are all explored in his soul-baring epistles. But mostly the letters reveal one man’s heartbreakingly earnest attempt to assemble a family of his own.

This sounds like one hilariously, good coming of age story. For today ONLY (4/19) The Good Luck of Right Now is on sale for $1.99 (originally$25.99) for your Kindle on Amazon. Go on over and buy it, I already bought my copy!

35 Weeks Pregnant


How far along: 35 weeks
Gender: boy
Weight gain: 27 pounds
Maternity clothes: My sister-in-law just loaned me some pregnancy shorts! Thank goodness because it’s getting warm. She also brought me some tops!
Stretch marks: Nope, crossing my fingers that it stays that way!
Belly button in or out: flat
Sleep: sleeping sucks. Rolling out of bed (our bed is high and memory foam) to go to the bathroom is the worst ever.
Best moment this week: Little Jimmie’s Ultra Sound, we got to see him in 3D!
Worst moment this week: Not sleeping and Jim getting his wisdom teeth out.
Miss anything: Having a beer at a BBQ.
Movement: Jimmie is rolling around.
Cravings: Chinese food. I haven’t given in except for a few lean cuisines to try to satisfy the craving, no such luck.
Queasy or sick: TIRED!
Looking forward to: Easter and finishing up the nursery by hanging my Dad’s paintings that he brought down today.

Baby Shower Love for Little Jimmie

This past Sunday was my Baby Shower! It was so much fun seeing everyone, eating fabulous Italian food and the best cake in the world, and getting so many wonderful items for Little Jimmie. He is one lucky little boy and I am one lucky mamma! A huge thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate, we feel so loved.




I loved this candy bar! The white chocolate popcorn was so addicting; so were the caramel creams, soft mints, and swedish fish.


me and my mom

me and my mother-in-law

me and my mother-in-law



Cousins by blood, best friends by choice <3

Cousins by blood, best friends by choice ❤



We met at the bus stop when we were 2, now we're pregnant together!

We met at the bus stop when we were 2, now we’re pregnant together!

me and Alicia

me and Alicia


showered with love!