Third Month Baby Must-haves

Another month under our belts and another month of favorites! We are so lucky to have been handed down many of these items.

3rd month favorites

1. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Activity Toy – This is one of Jimmie’s favorite toys, right now. He is able to hold it and bring it to his mouth to try to chew on. It even has a small rattle sound that makes him (almost) giggle. (We’re still trying to master laughing.) The colors are great and it entertains him no matter where he is: in my lap, in his rockaRoo, or just playing on the ground.

2.  Alex Jr. Busy Tot -Baby Wooden Developmental Toy – This is a GREAT toy for tummy time. The mirror is perfect for Jimmie to interact with while he is on his belly. It’s also great for learning new words (the other side contains many basic word pictures), which will be great for when he gets older.

3. Look Look [book] by Peter Linenthal – Jimmie is obsessed with this book. He will stare at it for a good 5-10 minutes when he is on his belly or on his side. He loves to look at the black and white pictures and enjoys listening to the simple story. This book also calms him down when he is crying; I open to any page and he is mesmerized.

4. Munchkin Bottle Brush – I feel like I am constantly washing Jimmie’s bottles. Having a good bottle brush is very important when you are using it several times a day. I like this one because I have used it day in and day out and the foam hasn’t ripped. I also love the built in nipple cleaner in the bottom.

5. Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toy – Jimmie loves to bat at this toy. It’s so easy for him to grab and he also loves chewing on all of the different sensory parts. I love that not only is Freddie colorful, but he also has black and white wings.

6. Zip Up Sleep and Plays – I am starting to hoard baby PJs; they’re just SO cute. Now that Jimmie isn’t being swaddled anymore, I love me a good zip up sleeper. Zip up sleepers are the best because I don’t have to mess with buttons in the middle of the night when changing his diaper.


Friday Five

1. Last Friday was my Birthday and I turned 28. I honestly think I have been telling people I was 28 for at least a month now, because I forgot I was still 27, so it wasn’t too big of a deal. That was, of course, until Jim told me I was going to be 30 in 2 years. Hell to the no…not happening. 29 will be on repeat for a while…

2. Jimmie went to his first baseball game last night. We decided to try a minor league game out first to see how reacted. We have a stadium about 30 minutes away where the Bowie Baysox play and just our luck, they were playing the Reading Phillies! I am happy to announce that Jimmie is in love with baseball already. He did pretty well until the 5th inning, when he decided to take his pre-bedtime nap, then he decided he was done around the 7th inning. Which was fine, because it was 8:30 and I did not want to get him to bed too late. We made it home (with him only crying 1/3 of the way) and he was asleep by 10. He was even given his first baseball. How cool is that? We are going to get a baseball box for it.

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte is coming to a Starbucks near you on Monday, August 25. I can not wait to drink a million of them. Last year I was pregnant, so I had one or two, and then the year prior we were in Korea, where they are not as excited for pumpkin season as we are, thus no PSL at their Starbucks. I am so excited to get it iced until fall.

4. I just bought new sheets for our bed, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton from Target, and I must say, they’re awesome. We (more like me) were having a lot of issues with out sheets since we got a memory foam bed. Almost every night, the sheet would come off the edge, on my side, and I was constantly getting up to fix it. That, along with my overactive bladder, left me with little sleep (especially when I was pregnant.) These sheets from Target are awesome! They fit deeper beds and have special elastic corners. I need more!

5. This weekend is going to be all about relaxing (with an infant…?) and cleaning the house. I also want to try to squeeze a trip into the Korean market for a Korean lunch. Monday I am getting my first pedi since Jimmie was born and getting my eyesbrows waxed (they’re hideous!) I’m pretty excited. Now if only my hair would stop falling out, life would be perfect!


Jimmie was way too excited and drooled all over himself.

Happy Three Months, Jimmie!

I can not believe, once again, that this little man is another month older! I could not have dreamed for a more perfect baby; I love him more and more every, single day. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our hard days/nights. Being a parent is getting easier, but it will never be easy. Every day is different and you just have to roll with the ups and downs. Here is a great article about being a mommy that spells it out perfectly.


Favorites: smiling, making a ton of noises, kicking his feet

Weight: He has to be at least 14-15 pounds by now. He was a little over 12 pounds in the middle of July.

Firsts this month: shots, slept in the crib, slept all night, rolled to the side

Nightly sleep schedule: He was just getting into the habit of sleeping from about 9:30 pm to 6-7am. If he woke up before 7, he would go back to sleep until 9ish. Now, since he is sleeping in the crib. He wakes up between 5-6 and then sleeps till about 9ish. Not much to complain about though!

Favorite toy: Lamaze Play & Grow Freddie the Firefly Take Along Toy and Fisher-Price Play and Grow Piano Gym

Hardest moment of the month: Watching Jimmie get his first shots, but I am happy to report that he didn’t cry as much as I expected and I only had to give him tylenol once, he also slept about the same that night!

Best moment of the month: Getting Jimmie to sleep in the crib.




Friday Five

Jimmie south korea1. Jimmie slept in his crib for the past 3 nights; I am so happy and relieved. I hope this helps his “flat head” even though I think it looks so much better already. The transition wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but I have been trying to get him to nap in the crib, without much success, since he was born. But, if he wants to nap on me forever, I can deal with that, as long as he sleeps all night in the crib.

2. Tomorrow I’m going on a real date with my husband; our first since Jimmie was born. We went out once while my mom was here, a week after Jimmie was born, but this is on a much larger scale. We are going out to lunch for my Birthday (which is next Friday.) A friend of Jim’s from work is watching Jimmie; she has two kids, so I know she can handle our low maintenance baby. I’m nervous, but excited. The real challenge will be not to talk about Jimmie the whole time.

3. A year ago, around this time, Jimmie was conceived and today he is 3 months old! It’s crazy to think we were in Korea back then, living in another apartment, surround by different friends; it really was like living in another world. Sometimes I miss it…then I go to Target.

4. I started watching Bachelor in Paradise this week. I guess I just couldn’t live without some Chris Harrison in my life. The show is pretty darn lame, but I’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking I’ll give it up after this week or next if it doesn’t get better.

5. Old Navy opened near my house last Saturday, like a mentioned last Friday, and I got my free tote bag, which was pretty exciting. I also got some new clothes for myself. It’s hard to believe that I’m only 3 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I guess I better start doing crunches, though, because my belly is like jelly. I also don’t think my skinny jeans will ever fit again, oh well.


Sleeping baby boy

My Breastfeeding Story


My favorite photo of Jimmie at 4 AM after breastfeeding. Happy baby!

In honor of National Breastfeeding week, I’d like to share my story. I know I have mentioned it, here and there, but here is the scoop on why I started, and why I stopped. I still support breastfeeding, 100%, but I realize that sometimes it just doesn’t work for everyone, and that’s okay too.

When I was younger, I wasn’t exposed to breastfeeding. I never saw anyone breastfeed until I was in Korea a few years ago, when my friends started having babies. It made me uncomfortable at first, but then I eventually got used to it. After seeing my friends breastfeed, I decided that I would breastfeed too, once I had a baby. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of it, especially having to do it in public, but I knew all of the benefits for my baby, and me, outweighed the “awkwardness” of breastfeeding in public.

When Jimmie was born, we weren’t given skin to skin contact immediately. I didn’t even get to hold Jimmie for about a half hour after he was born. All I kept thinking was a) is my baby okay? and b) we need to bond through skin to skin so that I can breastfeed. Once I was able to hold my baby, and thanked God for his life, I was determined to get him to latch. I knew it was key to get him to latch within his first few hours of life. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t latch, which was very frustrating.

The next day, a lactation consultant gave me a nipple shield and helped me finally get Jimmie to latch on. It took all day, and I called the consultant multiple times, but we were finally successful. I went home the following day really excited that Jimmie was eating and that I was already making milk. I was annoyed that I had to use the shield, but I hoped that I could eventually do without it.

Over the next few days, I was tired but happy that I had a healthy baby who was eating. By Jimmie’s two week appointment, he was back to his birth weight, and his jaundice was gone. Still feeling good, but starting to feel worn out from being a human cow, I pushed on through the tears, exhaustion, and some pain.

Around week three, I decided I had enough. I wasn’t going out because I was nervous to feed in public, Jimmie wanted to eat all the time and was fussy when he wasn’t eating, and I was just overwhelmed from trying to be super mom by cooking, cleaning, and feeding the baby. I felt like I wasn’t enjoying being a mom and that I was missing out on all of the happiness a baby should bring. I knew that I was heading towards depression and I was crying more often than not while feeding Jimmie.

After a very dramatic breakdown, I decided to stop breastfeeding on Jimmie’s one month Birthday. This was and still is the hardest choice I had to make since becoming a mother. The day I stopped breastfeeding was hard. During my last feeding, I held back tears. I told Jimmie how sorry I was and kissed him a lot. During his first bottle feeding, which Jim gave him, I cried. I felt like a horrible mother but knew I was doing the right thing for us.

Over the next few days, Jimmie started to become a happier baby and I started to become a happier mommy. We both fell into a routine and even though I wasn’t breastfeeding anymore, I knew I was giving him everything he needed, especially love. Now, I spend my days googling how much formula Jimmie should be eating and washing bottles. Breastfeeding was less of a clean up, and I didn’t have to worry about if Jimmie was eating too much, but these obstacles are so small compared to the feelings I was having while breastfeeding him. I’m happy to be wearing normal clothes and bras and I don’t miss having to go up to the nursery to feed him while we have company. I do miss the breastfed poops though, formula poops are gross.

Friday Five

1. Why is Jimmie getting a better night’s rest than his parents? He has been sleeping from 9ish at night to 7ish in the morning, yet we keep tossing and turning. It’s very frustrating. We are trying to get him into his crib…also very frustrating. I ordered this to help soothe him in the crib. Hope it helps!

2. The weather this week was AMAZING! I love low 80 degree days in the summer with no humidity. Too bad it’s supposed to rain all weekend.

3. We started using cloth diapers this week. I will be using them when we are home, during the day. Using them when we go out and at night is just too much of a hassle. So far, so good. Every day is getting easier and easier. We are using Sunbaby diapers.

4. I’m so happy that Andi picked Josh on the Bachelorette. Nick was awful and proved to be even worse on After the Final Rose by admitting, on live TV, that they slept together in the fantasy suite, no class that guy!

5. The Old Navy near our house is opening tomorrow; this could be dangerous. Little boy clothes from there are the cutest and I love their jeans! I am going to try and get a free tote tomorrow morning. Hopefully Jimmie can stay home with Daddy, Momma has to shop!

Enjoy your weekend!

jimmie phillies