Seoul National Cemetery in Seoul, South Korea



People think going to a cemetery is creepy, and although I guess it could be thought of as so, I don’t think that way. This past week Jim and I went over to the Seoul National Cemetery. You can take the Line 4 from Seoul Station to get there, the exit takes you right up to the cemetery. I like when this happens because then we don’t have to go searching for the place, and then get lost.



The Seoul National Cemetery is a lot like the Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. (at least that’s what Jim said because I have never been there before.) It’s a beautiful place with lots to see.




We went on a perfect day: the Cherry Blossoms were out and it was warm and sunny. There’s a lot of walking involved at this destination so put on comfortable sneakers and bring snacks (I got hungry and we had to leave, I’m like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, I get angry when I’m not fed, FEED ME!) There is a lot of open space to have a picnic and read a good book; I read while Jim went around and took pictures.


Even though I hate “hiking,” climbing to the top of the cemetery was worth it. It was nice to look out over the city, I felt like I was actually in the mountains.



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