To quote my bother, “Where do I sign up?”

I swear this isn’t a food blog, but it seems as if I’m always posting about the places we have eaten here in Korea.

Today’s featured treat is once again, pizza.

Pizza School is located less than a mile from our apartment. This could be a good and bad thing. Good because we can walk, bad because we will most likely walk there every week.

We had two pizzas. The first one was sweet potato for 6,000 won (sweet potatoes are big here, apparently) and Napoli for 7,000 won. We weren’t sure what Napoli was at first, but after further investigation we discovered the pizza included meat and honey mustard drizzled on top.

Both of these pizzas were good, but would have been better if a) they didn’t have TONS of onions under the cheese (must learn how to say no onions in Korean) and b) if I had discovered for 2,000 won more we could get stuffed crust instead of pan crust before I ordered.

These pizzas were  bigger than the one we had at pizza hut and definitely more satisfying.  Pizza School was way more bang for our buck and we will be frequent visitors for the duration of Jim’s tour in Korea.


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