“Happiness is pretty simple: someone to love, something to do, something to look forward to” – Rita Mae Brown


One year ago today I landed in Korea. Not only was it my first time living outside of the wonderful USA, but it was also my first time living with my husband, Jim. We took this photo of ourselves right after I got off the plane and boarded a bus to drive two more hours to where we currently live in Korea.

I remember it being so cold, I left the 70 degree F weather back in NJ, and I remember just having a small amount of culture shock. I remember walking into our apartment the first time and thinking, “Okay, this is where we are going to live for the next 20 months.” I’m amazed that 12 months have already gone by and we will be leaving in a little less than 8 months. I’m ready to find out where our next adventure is going to take us, I can only hope that adventure includes a Target.


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