Rosie’s Favorite Quotes: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


I have always loved quotes. It’s nice to know that someone else out there feels the same way  I am feeling, at that very moment, when I find a the perfect quote. My all-time favorite quote page is Hollie’s Quotes. I have been religiously checking this site since my senior year of high school (which was 9 years ago.) As a fellow quote lover, Hollie Seals updates her quote page every so often (although she used to update even more.) Life gets in the way of everything, which is why she doesn’t update as much now, but I’m happy to be able to sift through the hundreds of pages of quotes, every so often. Many of the quotes that I sometimes use as subject lines for my blog entries are from Hollie’s page.

when you

Hollie Seals has also written a book called When You Can’t Find the Words. I ordered this book and read it as soon as it came out. Hollie is a fantastic writer and her book is filled with amazing quotes. When I get back to the States, I am going to have to find my copy and post my favorite quotes. I am waiting for the second book to come out, although the date is unknown.

I’m going to start updating every so often with quotes from my favorite books or books that I have read and finished. I won’t be ale to do this with ARCs because they are not finished copies and we are asked not to quote the book until we cross-reference it with the final copy.

quotes“…you can tell Fitzgerald never took the time to look up at the clouds during sunset, because there’s no silver lining at the end of that book, let me tell you.” – Pat Peoples pg. 9

“…most people lose the ability to see silver linings even though they are always there above us almost every day.” – Pat Peoples pg.16

“It is the most torturous ending I have ever experienced and probably will ever experience in literature, movies, or even television.” (Referencing the ending to A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway) – Pat Peoples pg.22

“Why not just tell high school students that their struggle to improve themselves is all for nothing?” – Pat Peoples pg.22

“Still, I refuse to believe the Vet is gone, even after Jake retrieves his laptop from his car and shows me a downloaded video of the Vet being imploded. Veterans Stadium – which we used to call the concrete doughnut – falls like a circle of dominoes, gray dust fills the screen and it breaks my heart to see that place crumble, even though I suspect what I am viewing is a computer generated trick.” – Pat Peoples pg.32 (This quote really hits home for me because watching this video breaks my heart every single time. Click here to watch the video.)

“Dr. Patel said that my new medication might make me hallucinate.” (Pat talking to his mom in the kitchen)

“Okay.” -Pat’s mom

“I think I just saw Veterans  Stadium demolished on Jake’s computer.” – Pat Peoples pg.32

“Even though I do not want to, I look for the Vet and only find a parking lot. There’s a new Phillies ballpark too, called Citizens Bank Park. By the entrance ripples a huge banner of some new player named Ryan Howard. All of this seems to suggest that Jake and Dad weren’t lying when they said the Vet was demolished.” – Pat Peoples pg.98

“Life is hard, Pat, and children have to be told how hard life is.” (Pat’s therapist Cliff Patel talking to him about Sylvia Plath’s novel The Bell Jar.)

“Why?” -Pat

“So they will be sympathetic to others. So they will understand that some people have it harder than they do and that a trip through this world can be a wildly different experience, depending on what chemicals are raging through one’s mind.” – Dr. Patel pg.127


2 thoughts on “Rosie’s Favorite Quotes: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

  1. Hollie Seals says:

    this is very late after your posting, but thank you for the support and kind words. Sorry I can’t update as often though 🙂

    • Rosie says:

      I totally understand that you have a real life! I have loved your site for over 10 years now 🙂 Wow, it sounds a lot longer when I just typed that.

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