Book Review: Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery


After losing their father at a very young age, Rachel, Sienna, and Courtney are more than happy to see their mother remarry. Courtney, the youngest of the three sisters, is practically planning the entire wedding while her family thinks she is just a hotel maid. Sienna, the middle sister, is stuck in another questionable relationship. Rachael, the oldest sister, has been divorced for two years after her husband cheated on her. Set in Los Lobos, California, four women find love in more than one way.

Susan Mallery has done it again. She has made me fall in love with fictional characters that I wish were my sisters. Daughters of the Bride, Susan Mallery’s newest , stand-alone novel is a hit. I can only hope that it goes from a stand-alone novel to a series because I need to find out what happens next for these wonderful women. Susan Mallery has a unique way of writing each and every character in her novels, even the non-human characters. She makes you feel a connection with each of them,which isn’t always easy when it comes to writing about multiple people in such detail.

Courtney, the youngest, is  a motivation. After dropping out of high school, moving away from her family, and working at a burger joint, she decides to turn her life around and surprise her family with the outcome. I just love a good underdog story. Her love interest, Quinn, made me swoon. The romance scenes were hot. Let’s just leave it at that. I think it is pretty cool that she lives and works at a hotel.

Sienna’s story is really interesting. Shortly after the novel begins, she accepts her third engagement; the first two fell apart for various reasons and she isn’t sure about this one, either.  Sienna is a hard worker and loves her job. Her most recent fiance is a bit of a jerk with a crazy mother. A reoccurring theme in Daughters of the Bride focuses on how Sienna is the middle sister and feels left out more often than not. Middle Sister Wines are mentioned several times throughout the book. I kept hoping they were real because their names are so quirky and fun. After doing a quick Google search, I found out they are not just fictional wines but a real winery in California. I am now kind of obsessed with them and plan on going buy some.  Wouldn’t it be great if the book came with a wine coupon?

Rachael is a single mother to an 11 year old boy. Her story broke my heart; I just felt so bad for her over and over again. Rachael is a stubborn character. She is a lot like me actually. She hates to ask for help because she thinks she can do everything by herself instead of trusting other people to do something the “right” way.  I really never understood her back issue, though. It was kind of thrown in there and never completely explained. I guess it has to do with the fact that she is on her feet all of the time because she is a hairdresser. I was most satisfied with her ending.

Maggie, the girl’s mother, is planning a fabulous pink wedding to her second husband, Neil. Her ideas are outrageous and hilarious. It made me want to plan my wedding all over again. I mean, every wedding needs kazoos and pink swans in a chlorinated pool, right?

Here’s to wishing for another installment of Daughters of the Bride. Until then, I’ll just buy a few bottles of Middle Sister Wines and think of all of the fond memories I made by reading Susan Mallery’s enchanting story of finding true love.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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