Fit Snack Subscription Box Review June 2016

fit snack logo

We ate all of out June 2016 Fit Snack snacks way too fast. My husband was asking me the other day if we had anymore, unfortunately, I had to tell him no.


Grayson Natural Beef Jerky: Jim ate this and said it was pretty good. They are made with 100% grass fed beef. They are mountain raised, hormone free, and antibiotic free.

Nature’s Path Qi’a Bar: This bar is made with nuts so it went to Jim right away. He said it was really, really good. It is made with roasted peanuts, dark chocolate, chia, and hemp seeds.

Kiwa Chips: I love me some healthy chips. These were awesome!


Burkart Organic Died Fruit: My husband has been enjoying this big bag of dried fruit. Watch out for the seeds! The dried fruit is all organic, preservative free, sulfur free, and there isn’t any added sugar.


High Brew Coffee: I received a can of this naturally caffeinated coffee before and I was excited to see a can in this box. So yummy!

Krackin’ Kamut Ancient Grain: We haven’t tried this yet. You can either snack on it or put it on a salad.

Tranzend Detox Stix: We probably won’t use these. They say that after using them you will stress less, sleep better, and feel amazing. Sounds like a miracle.


Smartypant Vitamins: These were the best gummy vitamins I have ever had, and Jim agrees. We received a men’s packet and a woman’s packet. Too bad the serving size is 6 and we only received 2 of each, which I found odd.

If you have never heard about Fit Snack, please check out another one of my posts about the amazing subscription box company based out of Colorado. I love how each box comes with new exercises, workout tips (this month was a four week fit challenge), and coupon codes for some of the snacks in the box.

For your chance to WIN a free Fit Snack box, head on over to their contest page here. There is a chance to win every month. Enter today so that you can start snacking healthy tomorrow!

I was sent a Fit Snack box in exchange for an honest review. All of the options are my own. Thanks Fit Snack!


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