June 2016 Road Trip Day 2

Day 2 of our road trip was the most “relaxing” day we had. In the morning, we walked up to a coffee shop right off of the Virginia Creeper called MoJo’s Trailside Cafe where I had a nice cup of coffee and chocolate chip pancakes. Highly recommended! Then we went back to the cottage to sit on the deck for a few more minutes. We really didn’t want to leave such a lovely little spot. After packing up, we went to another point on the Virginia Creeper and walked around for about a half hour. It was so peaceful and breezy; we really did have perfect weather on this trip.



After our little walk, we drove to Rogersville, Tennessee. I had never been to Tennessee and it was sort of on the way to our next spot to sleep in Kentucky (another new state to add to my list). Fun fact: Davy Crockett’s grandparent’s are buried in Rogersville. We walked around town, found their burial spots,  and ate a good Southern lunch at Oh Henry’s on Main Street.



After Rogersville, we took another 2 1/2 hour drive to Berea, Kentucky. On the way, we stopped at a nice scenic overlook. Jim loves stopping at overlooks, I’m usually too scared to get out of the car. This one had a lot, so I got out to take a look.


Our house was nice and I loved the kitchen, but I wasn’t as in love with the place as a whole as I thought I would be. It had rave reviews on AirBnB, yet a train came by four times during the night and the bedroom didn’t have a door. I’m a light sleeper and I did not sleep well the two nights we were there. i’m lucky that Jimmie has been sleeping through the night for forever, or else I would have been even more upset with my interrupted sleep. Berea is a little art town. We didn’t get there until 5 or so, and all of the shops closed at 6. We did walk around the downtown area and around Berea College, which was nice. We ended up eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant down the street from our house. When in Kentucky…eat Mexican? I was bummed that they didn’t have margaritas, but the food was good.


At night we went back to the house, read on the porch swing, and went to bed after it finally got dark at 10 PM. It was kind of like being in another time zone during this vacation, even though we weren’t. The sun set way later than we were used to, which kind of threw us off. It was nice to have a not so busy day on our trip. Day 3 was by far the busiest, but also one of the best. Stay tuned!


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