Book Review: Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Lee Holland

counting blessings

Counting to ten has never been more fun than counting along with this cute,cuddly little bunny in Counting Blessings by Eileen Spinelli, Illustrated by Lee Holland. Along the way the little bunny counts: body parts, food, toys, friends, and much more. You won’t want to miss this precious story that teaches your child how to count from 1 to 10.

I always enjoy the illustrations in children’s books. The pictures are so colorful, cheerful, and engaging. Lee Holland did a beautiful job creating lovely pictures that children from birth to three will enjoy.  I like books in which my child can interact with. Jimmie likes pointing to the pictures of the lady bugs and bees, as well as, many of the other animals: koalas, elephants, and birds.

The story concept is simple. Some of the rhymes are forced, but children probably won’t notice this as much as I do. Each page leaves lot of room for imagination, which will encourage your child make up their own words. Each of the four seasons are mentioned in the book, ending with fall by comparing leaves to blessings, you just can’t count them all.

Fun fact: Eileen Spinelli is married to one of my favorite authors: Jerry Spinelli. He wrote my favorite book from middle school: Maniac Magee. I have a signed copy  that Jim gave me. Jim student taught with Eileen and Jerry Spinelli’s son.

I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.


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