Jimmie’s Second Birthday Curious George Party

After several weeks of rain, the sun finally came out on Saturday, for Jimmie’s 2nd Birthday! The day was full of good food, good family, good friends, and a little bit of monkey business.


Cousins chasing each other in the yard

I swore I was going to keep it simple this year. And, in my eyes,  I stuck to my word. It was so much easier having one party for all of our friends and family, instead of two, like last year. We have called Jimmie “Monkey” since he was really little. I actually thought of making his room a Curious George theme, before settling on Dr. Seuss. (The books are actually from Kohl’s from before he was even born.)

Party favors were Curious George Coloring books from Party City, Thomas the Train Crayons from Party City, and Red/White/Blue crazy straws. (Of course, I forgot to give half of them out!)




We served hot dogs, hamburgers, Korean chicken, berry salad, and pasta salad. For snacks we had chips and pirate booty.


I wanted to order a cake for dessert, but I couldn’t find a Curious George cake. I ended up making these cute monkey cupcakes. They really were the easiest thing in the world to create.




the proud grandparents


Jimmie eating his first hot dog. Since I’m crazy, I had my brother supervise because he is CPR certified. I’m happy to report, Jimmie did well.


Sharing some pirate’s booty with one of his best little girlfriends

birthday boy

The happiest of Birthdays to you! (I’m pretty sure we haven’t taken a formal family photo since his last Birthday!)




Birthday Boy was so tired towards the end of his party. That’s what happens when you’re forced to skip your nap. He was a trooper, though, and made it until his normal bedtime where we read his Birthday book and gave him one more one year old kiss.


One thought on “Jimmie’s Second Birthday Curious George Party

  1. Mary Forlano says:

    Great theme for a party! Love Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat! Jimmie is so darn cute and I’m sure he had a great time … the pictures are proof of that! Love to all! Aunt Mary F.

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