The Day Before Your Second Birthday


Tomorrow you’re turning two, Little Jimmie. You, my little darling, are no longer going to be a baby. Last year I was too sentimental and said you were going to be a toddler on your first Birthday, a big boy, but I continued to call you my baby, all the same. I was too excited for you to grow up, not thinking about how growing up meant not being little anymore.

Now, you’re walking, talking (sort of), and running a muck all over the place. You know just how to make me mad, and laugh in my face when I tell you no. It takes all of my strength not to laugh back at you, especially when you’re in time out and keep saying, “Hi” to me. I usually have to go in the other room and laugh before returning. You love to sweep, load the washer, unload the dishwasher, and empty our groceries bags. You are the best little helper, ever.

You continue to make every day unpredictable. Some days that’s a good thing, others, not so much. Some days I cry, some days I laugh, and most days, I still do both all at once. I can count on you to remind me that being a parent isn’t easy, but it is worth it. It’s worth seeing you eyes light up when the garage door goes up and down, it’s worth it when you want seconds (and thirds) on pasta night, it’s worth it when you lean in an give me a kiss when I ask you for one, and it is especially worth it when you put your head on my shoulder to just rest and snuggle.

I love watching you dance, climb, figure out new things, and explore. Year two of your life has been filled with so many adventures. We traveled all the way up to Vermont. Along the way we went to: New York, Connecticut,   Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. You were an angel on that trip and we had so much fun with you. And, of course, the best part of the week was how you learned how to walk all by yourself. As the year went on, we decided to buy a house. Again, you were a champ and took the change with ease. You love you new house, your room, and your yard; it’s as if we have always lived here.

Today is the last day I can say that you’re one. Tomorrow we enter the “terrible twos.” And even though I know they may or may not be harder than this past year, I also know that it will be a stage that will pass in a blink of an eye. What will this year bring? Only time will tell but as long as we are all together, we can take on the world.

Tomorrow you’re turning two, Little Jimmie. You, my little darling, are no longer going to be a baby. But sweet little angel, you will always, always be my baby boy. Because when I look at you I see that tiny little face, and those tiny little hands that you had the day you were born. Stay little, stay sweet.

Happy Birthday Eve, Little Monkey. We love you times a million, zillion, trillion.


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