Friday Five

1. Global Warming: I salute you. This week has been absolutely beautiful. We have already gone to the park three out the of the four days (played out front on the day we didn’t go to the park) and will probably go to a park today too. Maybe Mr. Groundhog was right. Hello, Spring/SUMMER!! Jimmie is having a blast outside and has the scrapes on his knees to prove it. I need to invest in a first aid kit and strap it to him. Kid likes to fall.

2. Pretty Little Liars has gone from bad to the worst. Hanna, really? You think falsely confessing to murder is the answer? I can’t even handle any of it. Yet, I still tune in, week after week. Shows I dropped this month? Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Maybe I’ll watch them this summer or when they come on Netflix. Why hasn’t Nashville come back yet? Longest. break. ever.

3. This weekend is going to be a good one. Not only is the weather going to be beautiful, still, but it is consignment sale weekend for baby clothes. We are going to at least two, maybe even three. I feel so satisfied getting the CUTEST clothes for Jimmie at the fraction of the price.   Let’s face it, he won’t be wearing the same stuff next spring/summer, so why pay full price?  I feel like consignment shopping took over my book sale addiction since most of the books I read are for review, and free.

4. Is the election over yet? I’m kind of tired of seeing all of the Hilary/Trump memes on Facebook. This will be the first election I will be voting in in Maryland. Trump is making my decision really easy. Plus, how can Hilary go wrong with Bill by her side? I went to a rally where he was speaking when I was in college. He is very motivational.

5.  Speaking of our upcoming, permanent move, we found our new local library last weekend. Since it wasn’t open yet, we just looked around at the outside, like creepers. It looks new and wonderful; they have shopping carts AND a drive-thru window. So not only will I be able to get my Starbucks from the drive-thru (FINALLY!) I will also be able to drop off (possibly pick up?) books at a drive-thru. Life just doesn’t get any better than that. Okay, it does. Brew thrus in Outbanks? You guys can make your way up to Maryland so I can buy my beer/wine without getting out of the car.


Stay this little, darling.


Pooped after playing outside.


Just doing a little Goodnight Moon reading in the afternoon.


Hat still fits this year. Winner.


One thought on “Friday Five

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have all of Scandal and Grey’s from the past couple months on my DVR, and I just can’t bring myself to watch them because I am over them. They are just too much now. Drive through Library sounds awesome, but I also love perusing the shelves and getting books I would never have thought of just by looking at their covers.

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