Thoughts on Episodes 11 through 13 of Fuller House

Episode 11: Partnerships in the Night

  • Remember when Danny was bachelor of the month and he had multiple women interested in him? Now it is Stephanie turn to be San Francisco’s most wanted.
  • Why didn’t they just show D.J.’s date with Matt instead of just talking about it?
  • Kimmy’s scarves are the best.
  • Stephanie and Kimmy working together is a fun idea. Bet you didn’t see that coming. It is kind of like when Joey and Jesse became business partners. See the similarities in shows?
  • Obviously, Matt was going to inherit the vet clinic. He was a shoe-in.
  • The cow in the kitchen LOL Danny would have had a heart attack. Kind of like when Michelle brought a donkey into the kitchen. I can make these comparisons all day, people. I should be a writer for next season. I’m available.
  • D.J. should open her own place. Steal Matt’s customers! Girl power!
  • The Indian theme party is fun, but it may be a bit culturally insensitive. Especially the joke about baby Tommy’s turban. The show really is pushing some buttons which is probably why it isn’t on cable TV.
  • Flash mob dancing is the best. More dancing. There is always dancing in this show.
  • Not a good idea mixing business and pleasure. Matt and D.J. may be future business partners, but there is no guarantee that they will be life partners, just saying.

Episode 12: Save the Dates

  • We need a Jenga. Such a fun game.
  • Stephanie is great with advice for the kids.
  • Lunch meat jenga. Oh, Kimmy.
  • Yay! It is Steve date day.
  • Okay, that wig is bad!
  • Shoulder pads (diapers LOL) and slap bracelets, nice.
  • Jackson should have at least taken a couple turns before losing.
  • Max is cute even when he gloats! What a great actor.
  • Kimmy’s purple dress is awesome! Mani, pedi, massage day. Yes, please.
  • I have never seen Ghost, but I know the scene.
  • Their singing and burger making was too, too funny!
  • Steve should have used soap after touching the meat, though.
  • See, Steve would be the perfect dad.
  • Twister, another great, classic game!
  • Max and Stephanie: Middle children unite.
  • More Stephanie singing.
  • The Stephanie/Kimmy kiss was awkward and too long. Trying too hard to be funny.
  • I was holding my breath when Fernando gave Kimmy divorce papers!
  • Phew, he proposed again.
  • The Bachelorette references are hilarious.

Episode 13: Love is in the Air

  • I had high hopes for this episode. Had being the key word here.
  • It’s official Matt and D.J. are partners in business.
  • Cheesy scene with Steve photo bombing.
  • Pretty dramatic that Kimmy and Fernando were only divorced for a few days before jumping on Becky and Jesse’s vow renewal ceremony.
  • I like their apartment as a little love nest. Should have been Elvis themed.
  • Tommy and the cheese burgers: cute, cute, cute.
  • Uncle Jesse giving Jackson love advice. “Should I blow raspberries on her belly? “‘I think that’s a little too advanced for you.”
  • Awwww Ramona and Kimmy are moving out? Fernando should be moving in!
  • The women singing Spice Girls scene was funny. Especially the drunk call to Michelle. “Why you no come to my wedding?!” Seriously though, why didn’t a lot of characters show up to this season finale?
  • Why was Jesse feeding Tommy a bottle in the middle of the kitchen?
  • Awww Max is sad like Michelle was sad when Becky and Jesse were going to move out.
  • Cute scene: Max and Kimmy saying ‘I love you.’
  • I love D.J.’s dress! And Kimmy’s and Becky’s!
  • There goes Steph, singing again.
  • I like how Matt, D.J., and Steve are all awkwardly sitting on a love seat.
  • Where is Danny?
  • Where are Nicky and Alex?! Strange…right?
  • I really wish the renewal was sentimental and romantic. Too cheesy.
  • Hated the hockey theme.
  • Why is Joey talking weird?
  • Mmmmm wedding cake. Wedding cakes are the best!
  • Ramona really has grown up.
  • Weird that they decided to not get married and stay engaged.
  • The end was the only good part of the episode where it was set up just like the Bachelorette.
  • How many seasons will they drag D.J.’s choice out? Just pick Steve! Save us all the hassle.
  • Bromance brewing between Steve and Matt.

That’s a wrap. Overall, I loved Season 1 of Fuller House.

Pluses: I  enjoyed the camaraderie between D.J., Kimmy, and Stephanie. The kids were also fantastic. I liked the flashbacks and all of the crazy dancing. I loved the modern take of a real family and how technology plays into our daily lives.

Minuses: The cameos of the “adults” were kind of lame, except for Becky. And Nicky and Alex were only in the first episode, which I thought was weird. I don’t really like Matt. But that could be because I am Team Steve. Too many 80’s references. Hopefully Stephanie doesn’t sing as much next season, she is no Uncle Jesse.

I can definitely see a few more seasons in the future. At least we know there will be a season 2! Hoping that season 2 is more than 13 episodes. Let’s go for a full 24, please! I


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