Friday Five

  1. Woke up to snow this morning and it is going to be 70 degrees next week. Oh, March, you’re crazy. Hoping this is the last of the snow this year. I think we got pretty lucky this year, but I still can’t stand snow, especially here in Maryland. The state is “never prepared” for snow. It snows in Maryland, people, get it together.
  2. I don’t think we have any weekend plans, just more packing. I took all of the artwork my dad did off of Jimmie’s walls and it made me so sad. Even though I hate where we live right now, I still have so many wonderful (and exhausting) memories from when Jimmie was first born until now. There will be tears on moving day, happy and sad.
  3. We have to wait two more weeks for the Bachelor finale? I know it is always like this, but I just can’t wait to see which naive girl Ben picks. And what is up with the phone call he makes in the preview? I bet it’s to his mom. I’m glad Caila left.  Out of the three, I liked her the least. Which is surprising because I liked her the most on day one. How awkward was that last rose ceremony? Is Ben going to pick them both and they’ll live together? I thought this last season too.
  4. What is normal for toddler tantrums? I feel like we have a pretty good kid. But sometimes I feel like Jimmie gets WAY too upset, way too easily.  And then I think, “He hates me!” But then he rests his head on his shoulder and I think, “He loves me!” How long will this last? Not digging the emotional roller coaster my child has put me on.
  5. I started The Girl on the Train yesterday. This is the first book I am reading in 2016 that wasn’t sent to me for review. Sure, I picked some of the books I reviewed, but this one is straight out of the library. So far, SO good. I did find a editing mistake on page 68. I really don’t understand why these things happen. Don’t multiple people read the books before they are printed? Makes me so mad!

Lots of eating photos this week. I guess it is because I keep the camera near the table.


This is about as good of a smile as I get from him when the camera is around.


Shortly after this photo, he tried to stick that entire piece of banana in his mouth. He then got mad when I dug it out.


This is a pampered chef jar opener, my son likes to use it as a face mask and then walk into walls.


Pasta night pictures are always my favorite.


Had to strip down to the onesie after eating. He wasn’t amused.


Two piece PJs. Be still my heart. He is growing up!


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