Thoughts on Episodes 7 through 10 of Fuller House

Episode 7: Ramona’s Not-so-epic Party

  • Alright, I just feel like Mary-Kate and Ashley will never want to do a cameo if they keep calling them out all season. (I did laugh really hard at the jokes, though.)
  • D.J. should really put Tommy in a baby carrier to clean. Has she not learned anything from having two other babies?
  • Steve is a keeper. I just want him and D.J. to be together forever. Is that too much to ask?
  • That’s a pretty fancy 13th Birthday Party. I guess you get the best when your mom is a party planner.
  • Max asking him mom if she was a zombie, cute. I can’t get enough of his one liners. And then asking if Tommy was a zombie? Hah babies are kind of like mini zombies, come to think of it…
  • Ice cream cake soup. Whoops.
  • I really thought Stephanie would have suggested spin the bottle after the lights went out, similar to the episode where D.J. had a Birthday party in Full House. This is why I should be a Fuller House writer. I’m available.
  • I knew Kimmy and Fernando would get back together. The show never claimed to not be predictable, people.

Episode 8: Secrets, Lies, and Fire Trucks

  • Poor Max. Poor everyone in that family! Losing a parent has to be so hard. D.J. is so lucky to have so much support. I know these people are fictional, but it still makes me sad.
  • I laughed THE HARDEST when D.J. pounced on Matt. One of my favorite scenes!
  • What a sweet dad/daughter moment on the couch. Reminds me of the old Danny Tanner.
  • Danny’s couch jacket = quality TV comedy right there. His acting was a smidgen better this episode.
  • Jackson is a really great big brother. Melts my heart.
  • I love how Max basically stole his friend’s party with the fire truck.

Episode 9: War of the Roses

  • Aunt Becky is my favorite “adult” on the show, she didn’t forget how to act.
  • I’m also going to act that crazy around all future adorable babies like Tommy, I’m warning you now.
  • Max, stealing the show, again. Adorable.
  • That is the second Alcatraz comment this season from Ramona. What gives?
  • I love the mystery in this episode! What beautiful roses. “Oh my lanta” is my favorite catch phrase of the show. Makes me laugh every time!
  • How is Cosmo getting so big, so fast?
  • The dishwasher comment from Becky was spot on. “There’s no mystery, It’s always me.”
  • Doesn’t Fernando remind you of the hairstylist from the last few seasons of Step-by-Step?
  • There is no way Matt sent all of those roses. That would be restraining order territory.
  • The Tommy fashion show could not have been any cuter. That sailor costume? ahhh cute.
  • Awww, a Henry and Stephanie wedding flashback. I remember that episode.
  • I knew the flowers had to be from Uncle Jesse. Do you think he has had Botox?
  • Saddest moment of the season: D.J. moving her wedding ring to her right hand. I cried.
  • This was definitely my favorite episode so far.

Episode 10: A Giant Leap

  • HUNTER PENCE! I squealed like a fan girl. I would have taken a selfie too, and then probably passed out.
  • This is my new favorite episode. Baseball trumps roses, all day, every day.
  • He isn’t a very good actor, though, and I hate the beard.
  • Stephanie singing at 7th inning stretch? I knew she was trying to be a singer!
  • D.J.’s kids approve of Matt. Poor Steve, he won’t see this coming.
  • It took everything in my power not to text my brother and tell him just go straight to episode 10. (As I write this, he has only watched three episodes.)
  • FACT: My all time favorite Full House episode is Stephanie Plays the Field,  where Stephanie plays baseball and has a crush on Brett.

  • Steve is THE ONE. Guess D.J. is starting to think so too? Kimmy and Stephanie spying. I love them.
  • Yay baseball!
  • Kimmy, such a riot! I like her way more in Fuller House than I did in Full House.
  • Who gives a kid a credit card? Don’t people ask for I.D. in California?
  • I don’t think Matt should be calling D.J. Deej yet. It’s too soon!
  • Of course, Matt is staying in San Francisco.
  • Smooth move, Jackson. “Can we take a selfie?” HAHAHA dating in the 21st century.
  • Don’t get too comfy Lola, Ramona is going to realize she likes Jackson.
  • Kiss cam! I love it when people don’t want to kiss on it.
  • Of course, Steve is at the baseball game! What are the odds? Oh, right, it’s a predictable show.
  • Short lived romance for Stephanie and Hunter.
  • I love how half of them got kicked out of the game.
  • #Teamsteve. Remember when they came home together from their class trip? He’s so funny.
  • The Steve and Matt Kiss = too funny! Didn’t see it coming, at all.

Only three more left 😦

Breaking news: Less than a week after Fuller House made its debut on Netflix,  E! has confirmed Season 2 is a go and the series has been renewed! Can I get a woot, woot? Will the Olsen Twins return? I’m thinking….no.


One thought on “Thoughts on Episodes 7 through 10 of Fuller House

  1. Stephanie says:

    I actually like Matt better than Steve. #teamMatt I am with you that Ramona and Jackson will eventually have a teen romance. While the quips about the Olsen’s have been funny, I think they will have to Cut.IT.Out…(bahaha) Maybe season two they will really step out as a show of it’s own than all the throwbacks for nostalgia sake. I did laugh so hard though when they “called” Michelle when they had been drinking.

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