Thoughts on Episodes 3 through 6 of Fuller House

Episode 3: Funner House

  • I Seriously want to just pinch baby Tommy’s cheeks. My ovaries ache.
  • I like how Stephanie and Kimmy are getting along! It is sweet.
  • How come I don’t look as cute as D.J. in mom sweat pants?
  • “I don’t want the Uber to see my boobers.” This is funny stuff, people.
  • I don’t understand how all of a sudden D.J. is strutting her stuff when she made such a big deal about modesty on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Most moms are afraid to get out and have fun without their children, true story.  Me time is important. Another real mom moment.
  • Kimmy’s Macy’s Day Parade joke to Macy Gray. Good one. The writers are on a roll.
  • Fernando is a nice addition to the show. He is funny and awkward. I wonder if him and Kimmy will get back together and if he will move into the house too.
  • Is Stephanie trying to jump start her singing career on Fuller House?
  • DTWS Guys were hilarious. I don’t know why they got bad reviews. They were corny, funny, and ripped their shirts open. What more can you want? I can’t wait to watch Jodie Sweetin this season starting in March!
  • This really is a portrayal of a modern family in the 21st century.
  • I love all of the technology updates to the show. It’s so crazy seeing all of these things on Fuller House that we never would have dreamed about when watching Full House.
  • I totally want to have a family fun violence night. Silly string fight? Yes, please.
  • Toilet paper leaf blower: Epic.
  • Sliming the three girls was unexpected and perfect! Stephanie saying “how rude” actually made sense. I’m not digging them just throwing the one liners in just because they can.

Episode 4: The Not-So-Great Escape 

  • I was not impressed with this one, guys.
  • How come Tommy uses a spoon better than Little Jimmie? Just kidding, Jimmie is getting better!
  • This veternarian guy better not be stepping on Steve’s turf.
  • I do like me some puppies.
  • Erupting Volcano joke, so inappropriate,  yet oh so funny.
  • Skunk and run: The tomato bath scene saved this whole episode
  • The end was cute, too, though, “Bye, Mommy.”
  • I felt this this whole episode was rushed together with too many different plots.

Episode 5 : Mad Max

  • I am probably going to say this every recap, TOMMY IS SO CUTE!
  • This episode reminds me of the one Uncle Jesse left and Michelle got sick.
  • Ramona is even funnier than Kimmy at that age. She is going places.
  • Ramona’s World video blog was clever. It is still amazing to think that none of this technology was around in the original Full House. Life is so different now. It really impacts our life. Fuller House is really showing that.
  • The plumber scene is not your typical TGIF kinda scene. Hilariously awkward.
  • Heavy subjects on Fuller House. So sad that Stephanie can’t have kids.

Episode 6: The Legend of El Explosivo 

  • I don’t have too much to say about this episode.
  • I am getting tired of the 80’s references. We get it, the show started in the 80’s.
  • If it is 90 degrees out, why is DJ wearing a sweater? I do like her mom clothes though. I need a new wardrobe.
  • I’m glad Fuller House isn’t full of “play dates.” Yay to free range parenting. Just kidding, I’m going to be the crazy mom that puts a chip in my kid’s phone, let’s be honest.
  • This episode reminds me of when D.J. and Kimmy skipped school to see their favorite singer and Joey caught them.
  • Tommy went to Lucha Kaboom, but then what happened to him for the rest of the episode?
  • Lots of dancing going on in this show.

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