First Thoughts on Fuller House

I just watched the first two episodes of Fuller House on Netflix. I should be watching the third one, since Jimmie is still napping, but I don’t want to binge watch it all at once. Hoping that there will be a few more seasons in the near future!

First Episode – Our Very First Episode, Again:

  • Candace Cameron-Bure is the best actress on the show, hands  down. I love her Hallmark movies, they’re adorable. I also loved her on Dancing With the Stars.
  • The kids are all too cute, especially the baby, Tommy. It makes my miss my baby being a little guy! I like Ramona’s attitude.
  • What is up with Danny’s voice? I also think he forgot how to act.
  • Why does Mr. Woodchuck look WAY bigger than he did before?
  • Are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen somehow still getting paid for this show because they are in the opening song and make appearances in flashbacks?
  • I love the opening theme song!
  • I want their new kitchen to be mine.
  • I really don’t like when actors make eye contact with the camera. That Michelle comment and long pause looking at the audience was REALLY awkward. If I were one of the twins, I’d be pissed. Also, though, if I were one of the twins I would have least skyped in. It is the 21st century, not the 80s.
  • hah the Donald Trump references. CLASSY!
  • John Stamos  is the only adult male on the show still looking good.
  • Lori Loughlin is still looking pretty good, too. Don’t these people age?
  • Why didn’t Danny marry Vicky? Who the heck is his new wife? I don’t like her already.
  • Steve and D.J. have to date! Love their chemistry.
  • Uncle Jesse singing “Forever…be still my heart. I cried, no really.
  • Chuckled when Danny sang, “Wild Thing.”
  • Comet Junior Junior having puppies, precious.
  • D.J. telling Tommy she was having a bad day, it made me cry, again. Real mom moment!
  • The Flintstones scene do-over was pretty awesome. Okay, I cried at this time too. So many emotions!
  • I like Kimmy’s cream colored polka-dot shirt in the scene where she hugged Danny.

Second Episode – Moving Day:

  • Aww, D.J. makes a really good mom. She isn’t pretending to be perfect. I love that!
  • I want to be the mom who makes cakes for snacks, except I would probably eat it all before Jimmie got home.
  • Do you think Kimmy’s daughter and D.J.’s son are going to fall in love?
  • I enjoy the adult jokes, “Hooking up….the Xbox.” I bet there are a lot of jokes I missed in Full House. Gotta keep the parents interested too.
  • That’s not the room Nicky and Alex lived in.
  • Honest Diapers: Nice product placement.
  • The phone call in the diaper was pretty funny. Cheesy, but funny.
  • Why are the kids drinking mock-margaritas?
  • Max is going to steal the show; he is so stinkin’ adorable.
  • Now I get the violin/hugging joke. Could have lived without the John Stamos camera eye- contact, though.
  • Second episode went a lot smoother than the first episode. Pilots are always awkward. Especially when the pilot is a full- on reunion, minus the Olsen Twins, of course.

What do you guys think? Yay or nay? I knew I would like it no matter what. Full House will always hold a special place in my childhood heart.


2 thoughts on “First Thoughts on Fuller House

  1. Stephanie says:

    I thought all of these things too! I definitely thought Danny’s voice was weird. And I definitely think they are setting up Ramona and Jackson to have a love interest someday. I agree with you that I will love it no matter what!

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