Friday Five

  1. It has been a warm (ish), rainy week over here in Maryland. Most of the snow is gone. This will make house hunting easier this weekend. We saw four houses last weekend and we will be keeping an eye on one. Four more to see this weekend. So many houses, so little time. Hoping to find the perfect house soon.
  2. Jimmie’s naps are still sporadic, but I am seeing some improvement. His vegetable intake is also improving. The thing is, he will only eat one brand of broccoli. I kid you not. I kind of had a feeling he only liked one kind, but I was having trouble finding it/remembering to get it. Finally, I spotted some at the Harris Teeter near us. He has had more veggies in the past week than he had had in the past two months.
  3. The Bachelor ended on a cliff hanger this week. Olivia can’t be as bad as they are portraying her, but I don’t think she is the one for Ben. I don’t even see chemistry between them. At least this season is going way better than last season. Although the preview for next week looks a little controversial. Does anyone else think the twins look like Taylor Swift? Even their facial expressions are the same. Sometimes I read The Bachelor blog. This week was one of those weeks where I really wanted to read about how Ben reacted to the episode.
  4. I received a really awesome Korean cookbook, Koreatown: A Cookbook, to review, in the mail. I can’t wait to share my thoughts next week. Just looking at it made me salivate. The pictures are amazing. Oddly enough, Shin Ramyun was on sale this week at the commissary. I made a ramyun recipe yesterday and it was scrumptious! Waiting for it to cool was rather difficult because it smelled so good.
  5. Curvy Barbie was announced recently by mattel. The fact that people are calling it “curvy” Barbie is kind of offensive in my eyes. According to Megham Daum from the L.A. Times: Curvy, tall, and petite Barbies are not going to solve the issues everyone has with Barbie. And I agree. Are children going to write to Santa that they want a “regular/skinny Barbie” for Christmas or “a fat Barbie.” Because basically, now girls can just compare their “curvy” Barbies to regular Barbies, which will ultimately cause even more body insecurities. I personally wasn’t offended by Barbie and her small body. She’s a doll and a toy and I thought of her just as that. Maybe if we stop magnifying what Barbie means, and come back to reality, then maybe kids wouldn’t compare themselves to a doll.





5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Stephanie says:

    We can only get George to eat veggies if it is a squeeze packet. We try to get him to eat other things every night, but even hidden he will get everything around it and spit the veggie out.
    I agree with you on the Barbie thing. I didn’t think anything off it as a kid nor did I really want to look like her anyway.

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