Reasons Why My Toddler Cried Yesterday

Having a toddler is more frustrating than not. I’m not going to lie, half the time I don’t know what Jimmie wants and when I do know, he still isn’t satisfied. I know there are a  ton of these “Why My Child is Crying” posts, but I figured I would do my own.  (Just for my own sanity, and yours.) I try to remind myself, daily, that toddlers can’t help their tantrums, and we can’t help but (sometimes) laugh, while their not looking.


Reasons why my toddler cried on February 2, 2016:

  • Because he didn’t want me to take him out of his crib when he woke up.
  • Because I didn’t make breakfast fast enough.
  • Because I made an English muffin instead of a waffle for breakfast.
  • Because he threw his English muffin on the floor and I didn’t pick it up fast enough.
  • Because I wouldn’t hold him while he drank his milk.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him put his feet on the table.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him play with his high chair.
  • Because I looked at my tablet while he was independently reading.
  • Because I wanted to take a selfie with him.
  • Because he spilled his juice and he wanted me to clean it up.
  • Because he wanted the sock I cleaned his juice up with.
  • Because he wanted the lights turned back off at library time.
  • Because he wanted more of my snack and I had already finished it.
  • Because he didn’t want to nap.
  • Because he wanted a snack that I was throwing away because it was stale.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him eat dinner until it cooled in the freezer for a minute.
  • Because he wanted my spoon at dinner.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him stand on the couch.
  • Because I wouldn’t let him put Daddy’s cell phone charger in his mouth.
  • Because he didn’t want to take a bath.
  • Because he didn’t want to get out of the bath.

Honestly, though, yesterday was a good day. Jimmie had a blast at library time. (The last two times we went he cried.) And even though he didn’t nap in his crib, he fell asleep in the Ergo so I was able to watch The Bachelor while he slept (little victories.) After his nap, we went for frozen yogurt for the first time. He enjoyed it even though he hates cold food/drinks. Since he napped, he wasn’t a grump at dinner and didn’t throw his plate on the floor.

At the end of the day, we have to remind ourselves of these little blessings, our own small victories. This is a hard season, folks. But when Jimmie is snuggled up on me, I try to remind myself, that soon, he won’t need me as much. Plus, today is a new day.


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