Friday Five

  1. We survived the blizzard of 2016. You wouldn’t have thought so, though, because of the lack of posts. Once again, having a toddler is so exausting. Sometimes, putting words into meaningful sentences is easier said than done. As for the snow, Jimmie hated it outside. I say outside because I tried to bring some inside, as well. He also hated the inside snow. I think what he hated MOST were the snow boots. Those were a waste of money.
  2. We finished watching ‘Making a Murderer’ last night. There are endless blog posts about the docuseries. Everyone has something to say about this cringe worthy/binge worthy documentary.  Although the link above, from Huffington Post, is meant to be funny, this article10 conflicting feelings you’ll face while Binge Watching ‘Making a Murderer,’ hits the nail on the head.
  3. To continue on the topic above: I just don’t understand how not only Steven could be prosecuted for murder, but also Brendan. The kid was/is obviously confused. If I was on the jury, (I’m sure everyone that has watched the show has used this line at least once) I would say that there is reasonable doubt considering the only piece of evidence they had was a coerced confession. Therefore, he shouldn’t have gone to jail. I know this is not a big revelation, but it makes me MAD, MAD, MAD. But then again, we are seeing only bits and pieces of a bias documentary; meant to show that both Steven and Brendan are innocent. Only time (or God) will tell us if they are or not.
  4. We are going house hunting this weekend! I am so excited to finally see the inside of houses that we have been looking at from the outside for months. My parents are coming down tomorrow and we are going out early on Sunday to see four houses. Since they are coming down early, we are taking advantage of babysitting time and going out to dinner. I am beyond excited. We  just had a date night when we were up there a few weeks ago, but ever since Thanksgiving, times have been tough with Jimmie. He has been sick twice, constipated, teething, and now we have nap time resistance going on. Many breaks are needed to rejuvenate our patience and to drink some beer. This is also going to be our five year anniversary celebration, even though our anniversary isn’t until February 19.
  5. As I mentioned, Jimmie has been fighting naps like a champ for over two weeks. Most of the time he ends up passed out on me in front of the TV. Not good. I do not want to create long-term bad habits. He has always been an amazing sleeper, I truly mean always, and this is just really difficult to process. Last night, he refused the pacifier before bed. We are actually considering tossing them in the trash (in a few days as long as he doesn’t want one.) Maybe he is giving it up on his own. I didn’t think he would fall asleep, but he did, and slept the whole night. Today is a new day, maybe without the pacifier he will nap. I have low expectations.

He enjoyed unzipping his zipper on his snow suit.




Old Navy has the BEST carts. I actually bought two shirts while I let Jimmie play with a hanger. You can just give me the mom of the year award now.


This could be his last pacifier picture. Baby is growing up.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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