Friday Five

Happy Friday, folks!

  1. If you live anywhere near the North East, you are probably preparing for Snowmageddon 2016. We went food shopping on Wednesday and it was already a mess and a half. I should have bought more milk…and cookies.

2. This article by Becky Thompson is HILARIOUS. Seriously, I had tears in my eyes and was almost rolling on the floor laughing. Okay, I admit, I was drinking a 7% beer while I was reading it after a very long day of parenting. But either way, it is SPOT ON. Target Starbucks, I’m sorry for hating on you while I worked at a REAL Starbucks, you are a life saver now. When the snow is gone, I am going on a Target vacation. This momma needs a break!

3. I have been teaching Jimmie that we have to put one toy away before we get another one out. He totally gets the concept, except for the fact that he makes me clean up each toy. Of course, he “helps” but when I say it’s okay to leave out this or that toy, he’s not having it. Looks like I made a mini rule follower.

4. My fish died this week. I have had him for 6 1/2 years. Jim and I bought three fish the first summer we were together. One died within days, one died in a few months, and one lived for 6 1/2 years at my parents house. We were up there this past weekend and he was looking kind of sad. My mom tried to save his life by feeding him frozen peas, but it wasn’t enough. Little Fishie passed away on Monday night after we left. Jimmie will be sad next time we go up and I am sure my nephew, Nolan, isn’t too thrilled with the missing fish, either.

5. We started watching Making a Murderer this week. We have watched two episodes so far. Pre-mom me wants to binge watch it all weekend since we will be snowed in. Mom me realizes that this won’t be happening. I think this weekend is the perfect opportunity to introduce Jimmie to the Disney classics. The Lion King and Aladdin are first on the list. Maybe even some Finding Nemo. (Oh, and playing in the snow. If it is anything like our beach experience, though, Jimmie will not be a fan.)


This is going to be my face when I wake up on Saturday and Sunday, minus the pasta sauce.


I know these moments are fleeting, but the laundry doesn’t fold itself.


I think I was way more excited than Jimmie when I realized we could pretend that this castle was Prince Wednesday’s castle.


RIP Fishie (photo is from September)


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