Jimmie’s Second Christmas

How did Christmas come and go already? With the weather being so nice, some people said it didn’t “feel” like Christmas. In our house, we just put the fireplace on the TV and opened the windows. It felt like Christmas to me. Especially because  of all the joy and love in my son’s eyes.

christmas eve2

Christmas Eve was quiet. Jim got done  work early and we just hung around the house. We tried to entertain Jimmie with some Christmas movies but he was bored. He must have known Santa was coming because he did not want to nap!

christmas eve3

Jimmie helped Jim and me open our gifts on Christmas Eve, then it was off to bed and time sugar plums and fairies to dance in his head. We had bought a special bottle of cranberry wine when we were in Vermont and drank that while watching a depressing Christmas movie on Netflix called The Fitzgerald Family Christmas. Jim loved it. Me, not so much.


Not only did Jimmie not nap on Christmas Eve, but he also tried to wake up at 6 AM on Christmas Day. I see many early Christmas mornings in our future. Luckily, he stayed entertained until about 7 when we went in to tell him Santa came.




Opening presents was interesting. Jimmie would pull a piece of paper off, then wander off to his old toys. This went on for a while. Then, he opened something he really liked and refused to continue. He also just wanted to read his new books instead of play with his toys and open more presents. That’s my kid.




My parents came over early on Christmas morning. We made a big breakfast and then opened more presents. Jimmie had to pause and nap during his second round of present opening because he was exhausted.


After he woke up we opened more presents and ate an afternoon dinner. Everything turned out pretty good, minus the sweet potatoes not being soft enough and me buying BROWN gravy instead of turkey gravy. (That’s what happens when your child is screaming in the supermarket and you just want to get what you need and leave, FAST! ) The warm weather made the house super hot since the oven was on all day. Instead of Jimmie wearing his Christmas outfit, I dug out some summer clothes that still fit. I could live in Florida for Christmas, really I could.




We had a wonderful Christmas. It was nice just staying home and not worrying about driving in traffic and then from place to place. Next year, we will buying and living in a house. The new year is going to bring BIG things for this family. We can’t wait to find a house and make it a home. Let the packing begin!


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