Blogging When You Have a Toddler

I’m sure you have noticed that my posts have become few and far between. Blogging just hasn’t been my priority lately. When you have a toddler, everything else takes priority. When I have a couple minutes to spare, I just want to sit. I also use my free time to clean, since cleaning rarely gets done while Jimmie is awake these days.

Jimmie has also been sick for the past couple weeks. He had a terrible cold that kept him from eating and drinking anything but milk. He came out of the cold about a week ago and since then, I was spending some time with my parents.

I don’t see myself blogging as much over the next few months. I will still be doing book reviews, Fit Snack reviews, and random Jimmie updates, but as for two to three posts a week, that won’t be happening. I need to recharge and focus on other things right now. Hopefully I can get back to regularly blogging after things settle down around here.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy December! Our tree is up and baby proofed. Let’s hope that the weather stays above average and the snow stays away.




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