Fit Snack Subscription Box Review November 2015


I received my box a little over a week ago and for the first time since I started receiving Fit Snack boxes a little less than a year ago, I was disappointed. Nothing jumped out at me and screamed, “Eat me now!” Let’s just get right into the box details.

fit snack logo

Breakout Protein Bars: This protein bar had peanut butter in it. I gave it to my husband and he said it was very, very sticky. Breakout Protein Bars are high fiber, high protein, and have no added sugar.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts: I received two packets of raw shelled hemp seeds. You’re supposed to sprinkle these seeds on yogurt, cereal, salads, etc. I don’t foresee myself using these.


Love Grown Foods Super Oats: There were two packages of oatmeal in my box. I had one for breakfast the other day. It was okay, nothing special. I’m going to try the easy pancake recipe mentioned on the Fit Snack information card with the other packet: one packet + one egg = pancakes. Yes, please.


Bite Fuel Protein Granola: As always, we get very excited for full size granola packages. This one has almonds in it, so I couldn’t indulge. Bummer.

AmodaTea Macha: I’m not a big macha fan, to be honest. This will probably just sit around. It is all-natural, which is always a plus in my book.

Green’s Best: I don’t even know what to do with this. I don’t understand why there was a lack of actual food in this box. What is up with all these powders?

Fuel 100 Electro Bits: These are pumpkin spice flavor, which is awesome. I can’t wait to try these out when I need a workout boost!

If you have never heard about Fit Snack, please check out another one of my posts about the amazing subscription box company based out of Colorado. I love how each box comes with new exercises (this month it was for your abs!), workout tips, and coupon codes for some of the snacks in the box.


Sign up for the Fit Snack newsletter to get some great promotion offers.

For your chance to WIN a free Fit Snack box, head on over to their contest page here. There is a chance to win every month. Enter today so that you can start snacking healthy tomorrow!

I was sent a Fit Snack box in exchange for an honest review. All of the options are my own. Thanks Fit Snack!


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