Friday Five

  1. I have been binge reading the last few Pretty Little Liars books by Sara Shepard. In the past week I have read the 13th book, Crushed, and 14th book, Deadly. I am almost done the 15th, Toxic. I just want to be DONE with the series. To be honest, though, these last few books haven’t been as bad as the previous couple. Maybe I have lowered my standards, but they’re readable.
  2. This week has been rough. Jimmie did not adjust to daylight savings ending, as well as, we had hoped. He woke up at 6 AM on Sunday and Monday. After those first two days, he slowly began to adjust. He is now back to his normal 7ish to 7ish sleep pattern, but I am still exhausted. My back hurts too.
  3. How weird is this November weather? Also, how weird is it that is is already November? It reminds me of the year Jim went to Korea and we had the most amazing winter. So amazing that on cold days I forgot to wear a jacket. I think today is the last day of the 70s. Seems like fall really is going to kick in starting tomorrow.
  4. Can you believe Gilmore Girls is returning to Netflix? It is a dream come true. Almost as awesome as Full House returning. I didn’t just find this news out, but I forgot to talk about it. Today, while researching the revival, I found out that Sookie (Melissa McCarthy) may not return. That would be sad. Come on Sookie, they need you! Honestly though, all I care about is if Milo Ventimiglia will play Jess again. And apparently, he is in. Rory and Jess forever.
  5. Jimmie is going to be 18 months on Sunday. Where did the last 6 months go? Didn’t he JUST turn one? We are moving up to the older kids library class on Tuesday. It should be an interesting transition. Jimmie was one of the oldest in the baby class. I hope he interacts more with the older kids. It was hard for him to play with kids that were just learning to sit.






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