Fit Snack Subscription Box Review October 2015

fit snack logo


Whenever my Fit Snack box arrives, I always get so excited. I try not to look at box spoilers before the box is shipped because I like be surprised. This month I was extra happy with my Fit Snack box. Not only was I able to enjoy the granola, (yay, no nuts!!) but there was also a cold brew coffee inside. This box was like Christmas morning. Every Fit Snack box comes with 6-9 snacks (some full size, some snack size) that retails for about $30 (if not more.)

Truproteins Whey Protein – I don’t use protein powder in anything. I keep saving all of these packets for when I actually start working out again. Any day now…

Raw Rev Protein Bar – Good news for my husband was that the bar is peanut butter chocolate. Bad news for me: I couldn’t indulge. This protein bar is processed with plant based ingredients and organic raw superfoods.

Caveman Foods – Jerky type protein bar. I handed it over to the hubs, meat in bars creep me out. This bar is made with chicken, fruit, and spices (all natural.) He said it was amazing.


Love Grown Foods – Cereal is one of my top five foods. I enjoyed the last bean/lentil cereal that was included in a box. This one looks good too. Mighty Flakes are wheat-free and corn-free. They are made with lentils, navy beans, and garbanzo beans.


Fiona’s Granola – YUM! I could have devoured this whole, HUGE bag in one sitting. It is SO good. As I have said before, those of us with nut allergies have trouble finding granola that we can eat. Fiona’s Vanilla Sunflower should be on anyone’s shopping list, especially those who suffer from nut allergies.


Yummy Health Snack Bars – I really like how Fit Snack includes clean energy treats in the majority of their boxes. I love me some coffee, but I have really cut back on my afternoon cup. Snacks like Yummy Snack bars give me the extra energy I need to make it through a tough toddler day aka every day.


High Brew Espresso – Did someone say coffee?If you asked me to describe myself, I would probably use coffee somewhere in my description. I really enjoyed this cold brew coffee in a can. It reminded me a lot of my favorite Korean iced coffee. Great pick me up for a hard afternoon.

Peak Energy Mints – Saving these for a day where I really need them!

If you have never heard about Fit Snack, please check out another one of my posts about the amazing subscription box company based out of Colorado. I love how each box comes with new exercises, workout tips, and coupon codes for some of the snacks in the box.

Sign up for the Fit Snack newsletter to get some great promotion offers. For your chance to WIN a free Fit Snack box, head on over to their contest page here. There is a chance to win every month. Enter today so that you can start snacking healthy tomorrow!


I was sent a Fit Snack box in exchange for an honest review. All of the options are my own. Thanks Fit Snack!


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