Friday Five

  1. Happy Halloween Eve! I see Hocus Pocus in my future today. Not having cable has really cut back on my Hocus Pocus watching time. Although, Jim hates the movie, which means it is out of the question for tonight, and I have Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal to watch. So many choices, so little time. Next year I am going big on the Halloween festivities. It is just hard to get into the mood when we are in a transition phase plus we kinda sorta really hate our neighborhood.
  2. Last night Jimmie went trick or treating for the first time. I’ll tell ya, Trunk or Treating was the way to go for a 18 month old. We had a hard enough time trying to heard him from trunk to trunk. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to take him up a dozen or so driveways tomorrow. We are staying home and giving out candy. Hopefully next year Jimmie will understand the whole candy concept more. Until then, we are enjoying his candy haul.
  3. I was so sad to see Hayes Grier knocked off Dancing with the Stars this week. He was flat out adorable. Alex should have been kicked off. Bindi and Derek are still my number ones. This season is turning out to be my favorite.
  4. Jimmie’s two year old molars are coming in. I KNOW everyone is so tired of me complaining about Jimmie’s teething. But the struggle is real over here. We had a lovely 5 AM meeting this morning. Luckily he went back to sleep.
  5. I got a haircut on Sunday. My first one since before Jimmie was born. The haircut turned out okay (it is below the shoulders, even though I wanted it ABOVE the shoulders,) but the experience was awful. To be honest, I was looking for a cheap haircut because I need a new haircut place and I wasn’t going to try to find one around here since we will be moving soon. I looked up Ulta because I knew they did cuts and had first time customer coupons. So for $25 I got a wash, cut, style (if you can call it that), plus two phone calls that interrupted my cut, and another costumer than needed to be checked in. Long story short, they don’t have a receptionist. How does that even make sense? My appointment also started 30 minutes late. Never again, Ulta. Never again.

Happy Halloween!!


brother dinosaurs with the wrong camera lens in use



His whining face makes a perfect dinosaur face


Please tell me where my baby went


Jimmie did enjoy taking a piece of candy and putting it inside Elmo


Yes, I made the hats


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