A Little Life Update

I have been quiet on here. Since I missed a few “Friday Fives,” I figured I would do a Wednesday update this week. Jimmie is exhausting at this age. I have also been busy reviewing an awesome cookbook that is time consuming. I am trying to make as many recipes as possible before I post my review.  I have been prepping my meals at nap time, which doesn’t leave too much other free time.




Jimmie doesn’t really “allow” me to sit at the computer too much anymore while he is awake. I think he thinks it is his competition because he always walks over to the desk and tries to close the laptop, while pretending to cry, of course. Reason #1243543975 why we don’t have smart phones. Speaking of phones, Jimmie threw mine on the cement the other day. In a moment of pure desperation, on our walk, I gave him my phone so he can pretend talk on it. This is the only thing he knows how to do on a phone. He was trying to LUNGE his body out of his stroller, so I thought pretending to talk to someone on the phone might help. Nope. Phone meet cement. Reason #1243543976 why we don’t have smart phones. I am however going to get a new phone next week because it is time for a free upgrade; I just hope the camera is better.

leaves 3

leaves 4

Jimmie leaves

Jimmie leaves 2

Can you believe it is almost November?  The leaves are changing and falling at rapid speed. Jimmie loves playing in the leaves and picking them up one at a time. I am usually just trying to keep him from face planting on the cement. His little feet try to move faster than his body. Plus, his big head kind of makes him topple over more than your average kid.

Halloween is only four days away and daylight savings ends in five days. We have been trying to keep Jimmie up later than 7 PM all month. In return, he has been sleeping later in the morning. This could also be a coincidence because he is extra tired from walking and/or he is going through a growth spurt. Either way, we will beat you, daylight savings. We will win.

Speaking of winning, tomorrow will mark the seven year anniversary since the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. I miss those days of actually knowing who the heck is on the team. One day, we will be good again. One day.  This year, I just hope the Mets lose. I root for two teams, the Phillies and whoever is playing the Mets. Let’s go Royals! I don’t understand why the World Series just started though. I thought the whole reason of starting the season early was to end before November. I wonder if we will see any baseball in the snow?


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