New England Road Trip Day 5

We woke up to the pouring rain in Massachusetts. We had originally planned on going to Stonewall Farm in Keene, New Hampshire, first thing in the morning. Because of the rain, that was obviously out of the question. I quickly did some research and found a children’s museum in Keene, which we decided to check out.

Cheshire Children’s Museum is located on the second floor of Colony Mill Marketplace. If you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t find it. There are also shops and restaurants in the marketplace, which makes it a great rainy day spot. The museum is free for children under 1 and $6 per person, otherwise. (It is part of the Blue Star Museums program that runs from Memorial Day through Labor day and gives free admission for military during that time frame.)

children's musem 3

children's museum 2

children's museum

The museum isn’t huge, by any means. With that being said,  it was a perfect size for our new walker. Jimmie had so much fun there. I think the museum is best for children five and under. Older kids could have fun too, but younger ones will have the best time. I like that it wasn’t big because we didn’t have to rush through it like we have had to do at other museums. There were different activity areas such as: a supermarket, a veterinarian office, a post office, a dentist, a camping area, Italy, and so much more. They really did pack a lot of fun in a small space. We spent about two hours at the Cheshire Children’s Museum before lunch. We would have gone back if it wasn’t Jimmie’s nap time and if he wasn’t being a major grump.

We ate lunch at Elm City Brewing Company. The brewery is located on the bottom floor of Colony Mill Marketplace. Finding this restaurant was a very happy accident.  I had the most amazing burger. Jim and I shared a beer sampler: it was delicious. I liked Elm City beer a lot more than Newport Storm beer in Rhode Island. Jimmie didn’t like his chili but Jim and I loved it. We took the majority of it home and ate it for dinner. Best chili ever.

Jimmie was overtired before lunch even started. We decided to just get into the car after lunch so that he would nap during our drive to Vermont. Our trip to Vermont was a lot less rainy than our trip to New Hampshire. The trees were in transition the most on this drive; it was simply beautiful. We will never enjoy fall as much as we did in New England; the colors can’t be beat.



Our planned stop in Vermont was Basketville in Putney, Vermont. Inside of the store, which is full of baskets and Vermont goodies, is the Putney Mountain Winery tasting room. We drove around Putney until Jimmie woke up and then went to the store.

Jimmie was not in a good mood when he woke up, which made looking around the store almost impossible and unbearable. Jim and I were both able to (separately) taste some wine but were not able to do a full tasting. I did buy a bottle of Simply Cranberry. I can’t wait to drink it. This was the one and only hard day we had with Jimmie. We were thinking about stopping in Brattleboro, Vermont, on the way back to our rental, but decided to call it a day and head back to the house. We hung out at the house for the rest of the day, sat by the lake, and Jim went kayaking. All in all, still a good day, but a rough one in parentland.



The day ended just like night before: Jimmie going off to bed without trouble and Jim and me watching some TV before calling it an early night.


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