The New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, CT

Trying to plan a road trip and making it kid friendly is easier said than done. You want to do stuff that won’t bore the kids, but you also don’t want to be bored yourself. What I realized on this trip is that as long as Jimmie was having fun (aka not screaming) we were having fun too. I am happy to report that our entire road trip (minus one day in the middle) was spent with a happy baby and happy parents.

Our first big stop in New England was The New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. We had a rough time trying to get there because of the mum parade in town.The GPS was not letting us avoid the parade route, and since we don’t have smart phones, we had to stop and ask a police officer. He kindly gave us directions and we found the museum.


When we went in to get in to purchase tickets, we were told there was a military discount. I couldn’t find one when doing my research before the trip, but it never hurts to ask. It turns out this museum is free for military during the Blue Stars Museum Program that runs from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I am not sure if we got lucky, since we went after Labor Day, or if it is free year around for military, but we were given free admission.


The museum was simply beautiful. I hate riding on carousels because I get dizzy, but I sure do love looking at them. With that being said, I did ride the carousel with Jimmie, because honestly, they’re only this little once. I couldn’t not enjoy this moment with him. Seeing the world through his eyes is truly amazing.


If you actually have time to read in the museum, you can learn a ton about carousels. Did you know that horses (or other carousel animals) have a good side? The side facing out is artfully painted, the other side of the animal isn’t a intricate because only the riders usually see this side.


Not only does your admission to the museum include the history of carousels, but you also receive admission to The Museum of Fire History and The Museum of Greek History, which are located on the top floor ballroom. These museums are not worth the visit alone (since they are  small,) but were a nice addition to the trip.  The upstairs ballroom would make an amazing wedding venue, which happens to be something they offer.





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