Friday Five

  1. I have been on a vacation hangover all week. I truly had the most amazing road trip with our little family. It could not have gone any better. Toby was missed but we did meet a cute dog named Chip Chip at the cabin in Connecticut. He loved us so much and tried to break into our cabin at 11 PM our first night.
  2. Fall shows are back in full swing and I am enjoying many of them, once again. The new season of Scandal is really juicy. Will there be a happily ever after for the president? I decided to ditch How to Get Away With Murder. It started to become too redundant. Grey’s Anatomy is getting a little boring too, but I can’t let go. It’s like ER all over again…it will never end. As for new shows, we did watch the first episode of Quantico the other night. I enjoyed it, Jim thought it was blown way out of proportion. I am trying to get him to give it another shot, but I am hooked.
  3. Jimmie is enjoying his new walking skills. I love seeing his progress every single day. He is crawling less and less. I can see running in the near future. He wants to get from point A to point B faster and faster. Here’s the thing though, he can walk, but I can’t make him walk where I want him to go. We’ll have to work on that.
  4. Alex Toys has the worst customer service ever. I bought a packet of bathtub alphabet letters the other day from the Target Dollar Spot (for $3) and the packet came with 2 Z’s and no N. I wrote to the company, thinking they would send me an N or another pack. They wrote back and said to go back to the store and exchange it. What kind of customer service is that? I didn’t mess up the package, I shouldn’t have to try and return used bath foam.
  5. Did you hear that McDonald’s is serving breakfast all day? The only things I ever get from McDonald’s are the cookies and Shamrock shakes.  I used to love their breakfast, especially the pancakes. I may be more inclined to get some for lunch. #alldaybreakfast



Toby doesn’t get enough photo ops.


Pasta dinner last night.



We both ended up with pasta in our hair.


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