Friday Five

It’s Friday again? I slacked on the Friday Five last week. I will try to be interesting this week to make up for it.

  1. We spent over a week at my parent’s house from labor day weekend to last weekend, which is why I didn’t post too much for the duration of that time. Jimmie is terrified of my parent’s basement. Not all basements, just theirs. I have no idea why, but it makes blogging harder because that is where their desktop is and Jim had our laptop with him. We had a busy week that included a trip to the Please Touch Museum, the beach in Ocean City, NJ, and a lot of backyard fun. Jim came back up for a family party last weekend, which are always fun, and then we drove back to Maryland on Sunday night.
  2. Can we talk about how I spent $5.25 on a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte yesterday? Needless to say, I will NOT be buying anymore. That’s the problem when recipes go “natural,” we sometimes end up paying more. Give me the fake stuff, people.
  3. Dancing With the Stars started up again this week. I am rooting for Nick Carter and Sharna and I also (obviously) love Derik and Bindi Irwin. I hope those two couples go to finals. I will continue to watch because of them. Paula Dean was a trainwreck.
  4. We moved our coffee table out of the middle of our living room and I took the playpen down from the playroom. We are hoping with less furniture to cruise on, Jimmie will take a leap towards walking on his own. We are up to six steps. I know he can do it. I am just so tired of having to explain to people that he isn’t walking yet. Also, my back hurts. He needs to walk for the sake of my mental and physical health.
  5. Today at the park, this woman asked me if Jimmie wore a size four shoe. I said yes, and she proceeded to give me the shoes off her son’s feet. She said she just bought them and they are already too small. How nice was that? I’ll have to pay it forward and do something nice for someone this weekend.








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