What is Jimmie Reading this Week?

Jimmie is very particular about which books he does and doesn’t want to read. He won’t even let you read the first page of a book if he doesn’t find the cover interesting. He probably gets this little “judge a book by its cover” problem from me. Jimmie would let you read to him all day, every day, if you were willing. And when I say willing I mean willing to read the books HE wants to read over and over again.

Here is what Jimmie recommends this week: (all borrowed from the library)


P is for Potty: I know it is SUPER early for potty training. With that being said, it is never too early to start learning about the potty. Jimmie loves Elmo and lift the flap books. This book is ideal for him. He will let me read him the whole story and lift some of the flaps, as well. We will be buying this book when he does start to potty train. It’ll be good to read to him while he is sitting on the toilet pondering about why he is sitting on the toilet in the first place.

abcThe Alphabet Parade by Charles Ghigna: Jimmie loves the alphabet. I have been singing it to him since he was born and we own quite a few alphabet books. He will pretty much sit through any alphabet book. This one is cute and has a little story to go along with it. I’m not a huge clown fan, but I am trying not to push my fears onto him. I like reading books that aren’t just “A,” next page, “B,” next page, etc. Books shouldn’t be flashcards.


Hug by Jez Alborough: The only word in this book is “hug.” The little monkey, Bobo, is looking for his mommy. While he is searching for his mommy, he sees other jungle animals hugging their mommies. This makes him sad. He searches and searches until he finds his mommy and they hug it out. This is a good book to use to create your own story by looking at the pictures. It also is a good book to use when learning about feelings.


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