Friday Five

  1. I found a really cool children’s book website this week. It is called Brightly and it is sponsored by Penguin Random House. Since Jimmie likes to read all day, every day, I need new book ideas all the time! Lately, we have been reading about colors, numbers, and the alphabet, this website gives lists of books that fit your child’s wants and needs. Jimmie’s Amazon wish list is growing!
  2. I made this amazing corn and black bean salad for an Army picnic this past weekend. Believe it or not, this was the first official function I have been to since we came here almost two years ago. It’s hard to believe that I knew so many of the people Jim worked with, and their wives, in Korea. And here, I never met anyone. I’m glad to put some faces to names. Jimmie had fun playing in the grass at the picnic and eating part of Dad’s cookie.
  3. The end of the official summer is upon us. Can you believe it is September? I loved seeing all of the back-to-school photos on Facebook this week. Only two more years until Jimmie is in Preschool and four until he is in Kindergarten. Wow, putting it down in words makes it seem real. I really hope he is walking by then 😛
  4. Pumpkin Spice Latte starts on September 7! Since it is still hot, I will be getting mine iced, which I actually enjoy better. I can’t wait to try the new recipe. I also can’t wait to have a pumpkin scone (even though they were smaller last year) and a pumpkin muffin.
  5. Bachelor in Paradise will be over on Monday. I’m so glad that I will be done wasting my time on that show. I swear, I am not watching next summer. Who do we think is going to get engaged? Breakup? I seriously can’t see Ashley and Jared staying together. That show is such a train-wreck.

Super crappy picture of Mr.Grump. He is working on his fourth and final canine tooth, tooth #16. Then we are done until two year molars!!!


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