Book Review: The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore

the plain

We ask Him for miracles, and forget that the miracle already occurred, thousands of years ago, when Christ dies for our sins. Pg. 178

Usually a person is born into the Amish community. Usually being Amish isn’t a choice someone makes, it is just what it is. Not for Sherry Gore. Sherry Gore was not born Amish. Sherry Gore was born to two people who didn’t really practice any kind of religion nowhere near an Amish community.

Sherry grew up in Texas and then moved to California to live with her dad when she was 10, four years after her parents got divorced. She started feeling out of place in her new home after her dad and step-mom started to have their own children. After that, Sherry’s life turned into one move after another; she was even homeless for a considerable amount of time. She went from job to job and fell in love a few times.

After marrying her second husband, Sherry became pregnant with her third child. After giving birth, Sherry accepted the Lord into her life. She wanted her children to have more than she had. She wanted her children to live a Christian life. After getting baptized, Sherry slowly started living a plain, simple life. This is when her life truly began. This is where Sherry started her Amish journey, one that wasn’t always simple. Sherry put her trust in God, knowing that He would take care of her and her family.

The Plain Choice by Sherry Gore is a story about struggle. Not only struggle in life, but also a struggle with how to accept God. Sherry Gore had a hard life where she felt like no one accepted her or understood her.  When she found God, she finally felt accepted for the first time. She may have missed some of His signs, but eventually she heard Him loud and clear and decided to live a Christian life. This choice eventually led her into the Amish community.

I found Sherry’s story very interesting. Before reading The Plain Choice,  I had no idea that there were Amish living in Florida. I also didn’t know that there are many small Amish communities spread throughout the country.  Sherry’s story is more than just a journey into the Amish world, it’s her journey from being one girl, DJing in California at a roller skating rink, to a woman, raising three children in a world she never even imagined of being a part of.

I couldn’t put this book down. I love stepping outside of my typical reading box and finding a book that teaches me so many things. Sherry Gore’s story is very informative and emotional. I felt her joy, her sorrow, and her struggle. She is an amazing woman who has overcome many obstacles in her life. Even after all she has lost, she still finds the strength to get up, live a plain life, and believe that God has a plan.

We are strong people. Our strength comes from the way we care for one another and in the way we continue, even in tragedy, to have faith in God and hope He provides. Hope for a good life on earth. Hope for life after death. Hope that in our darkest days we are still loved. Pg. 184-185

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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