Friday Five

  1. Last weekend I watched ‘If I Stay’ on Netflix. It is the movie adaption of the book by Gayle Forman. I honestly didn’t remember too much of the book before I watched the movie because I read it over two years ago. I actually thought I hated the book, but after reading my review that I wrote, I only hated the ending; which is typical for me. The movie was really good and inspired me to read the second book, Where She Went. I loved it! It was written from the male’s perspective, instead of the female’s like If I Stay. Check out the movie on Netflix or read the books. I am going to check out some of the other books Gayle Forman wrote, now that I know I don’t hate her writing.
  2. The weather has been amazing this week. I don’t want it to end. I wish we could bypass the next few weeks of weather because it is supposed to get hot again. Yesterday we went on a three mile walk with Toby and Jimmie. I was exhausted after, but I enjoyed it because I wasn’t so sweaty. We also went to the park twice this week. Jimmie can’t get enough of the swings, he cries when I pull him out. I see lots of park hopping in the fall.
  3. ABC is slowly releasing the names of the cast of  Dancing With the Stars Season 21, which starts September 14. I’m pretty excited about Nick Carter and Bindi Irwin. We will see who else is announced within the next week.
  4. Jimmie is learning the art of hide and go seek. I hide and he finds me. He thinks it is pretty great. I am not the best hider, though. I laugh the entire time because I know a) my spots are super obvious and b) he is going to crack up when he finds me. The best is when I hide under a blanket. Double the fun because then we can play peek-a-boo. This is the best age, minus dinner being thrown on the floor.
  5. Disney stock is finally on the up and ups, and so is the DOW. It has been a rough week over here watching the numbers do down and up, up and down. I feel like I can finally breath again. Jim has gotten me way too into the the stock market. At least it gives me something else to obsess over other than whether or not Jimmie is eating enough veggies. Even though the numbers aren’t where they used to a few weeks ago, I’m glad to see higher numbers than earlier this week.

And I leave you with the many expressions of Jimmie! Have a wonderful weekend!







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