Another not so (okay a little) funny Jimmie Tantrum


Another night of family fun at dinner time. We have started to use the approach of giving Jimmie two of his three food choices first, having him eat most of them, and then giving him his third food option. Usually the third option is what he enjoys most: pasta, macaroni and cheese, cottage cheese, quinoa, yogurt. Sense a trend here? Carbs or milk products. We have been trying to start him off with some fruit, veggies (and/or meat,) then giving him the “good stuff.” If we put everything on a plate at once, he will pick the one thing he likes most and ignore everything else.

Last night, we gave him black bean cakes and broccoli first. We had quinoa waiting on the sidelines to be tagged in when it was time. Jimmie usually likes the bean cakes, but I made them without cheese this time, and I think he figured it out because he was not happy. He had a few bites of broccoli and a few bites of beans cakes and then started to cry. We brought over the quinoa, but there were still lots of tears. So many tears and so much anger, that he soon reached over his high chair, grabbed the plate of food, and threw it onto the floor. Our floor that is carpeted. Lets just say Toby had a feast after I picked up the big pieces.

Tears still flowing, I placed the quinoa bowl in front of him, and he calmed down enough to eat it. I then gave him more broccoli and he gobbled it like he never has before. Oh, Jimmie, when will you be able to communicate your needs? I get it, I won’t make the black bean cakes without the cheese ever again. Lesson learned.


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