Birthday Fun

29 and feeling fine! This weekend was great. I loved spending my 29th Birthday with my husband and son. I also loved spending the day after my Birthday with my parents.

I woke up on my Birthday and went for a lovely one hour massage. You don’t know how sore you are until the masseuse tries to get  the ridiculous amount of knots out of your back. That’s what I get for still having a 15 month old that doesn’t walk; the kid is heavy.

After my massage I went to the library to pick up some books for Jimmie and then to Starbucks to get my free Birthday drink. I came home and read said books to Jimmie and fed him lunch. Then we were off to Annandale, VA aka Koreatown of the East Coast. I tried to do the best I could looking for places to eat on yelp. We ended up eating lunch at Oegadgib and going to Shilla Bakery and Breeze Bakery Cafe.



Lunch was good! Good for America standards, that is. It was still expensive, $20 a person, but it was all you can eat meat, which is a pretty good deal, if you can eat a lot. I can’t eat a ton in one sitting and Jim said he wasn’t that hungry. You definitely have to bring your appetites to this place. The service was so-so, I had to ask for rice, lettuce for the meat, and red bean paste, I guess they assumed since we are American that we didn’t know what was up. The kimchi was great, which really is all that matter;. all the sides were good and plentiful. For dessert we had rice water, Jimmie’s favorite part.





After lunch we went to Hidden Oaks Nature Center in Annandale. It was a small nature center but cute none-the-less. It is geared towards older toddlers, but Jimmie still had fun on our walk, playing dress up, and playing with dinosaurs. We spent about an hour there. There is a frog catching area that Jimmie was too young for. We will have to go back to that another time. (The nature center is free, which is awesome!)

After the nature center, we went to not one, but two Korean bakeries. We sure do love our Korean baked goods. Both places were packed and priced VERY reasonably. We stocked up on goodies we haven’t had in almost two years. We will be going back for the bakeries, for sure.

We got stuck in  a ton of traffic coming home, luckily Jimmie napped through it all. We passed the Pentagon, which was cool because I never saw it in person before.


Yesterday, my parents came down and we hung out around the house, shared some Korean snacks, and ate my mom’s famous brownies. We went out to lunch to celebrate both me and Jim’s birthdays and I had the most amazing seared tuna salad ever! I will now crave that salad for the rest of my life. I also had a really good milk stout.

So far, 29 has been great. Bring on another wonderful year, full of changes and surprises. By the time I’m 30, Jim will have a new job, we will be living in a new place, and Jimmie will be walking and talking. Crazy how things can change in one year.


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