Book Review: Goodnight, Ark by Laura Sassi Illustrated by Jane Chapman

goodnight ark

Goodnight, Ark by Laura Sassi is an adorable retelling of Noah and his ark. When I first heard of the book, I thought it would be very similar to Goodnight Moon, but it isn’t. Goodnight, Ark is a rhyme of its own, full of all sorts of fun animals. Of course there are the elephants and tigers, but there are also skunks, boars, and quail. All the animals are getting ready for bed. Noah tells them to find their beds, but the animals have their own idea about where they are sleeping for the night.

I loved reading this book to Jimmie, who is 15 months old. He really loves the page with the skunks and enjoys trying to touch the elephants tusks. I laughed while reading the book the first time around; it is so cute and silly. There is a lot of onomatopoeia (sound words), repetition, alliteration, and rhyming, which is great for young readers; the more words they hear while they are young, the easier it will be for them to read when they’re older. Goodnight, Ark reminds me of a Dr. Seuss book. Goodnight, Ark doesn’t reference God or any other spiritual values, it just shows a moment in time on Noah’s Ark. It leaves the story open ended for parents to elaborate to their children and discuss the true story of Noah.

Jimmie is a very picky reader, if he does not want to sit through a book, he won’t. Him sitting through a book means he likes it, therefore  Goodnight, Ark gets an A+ according to his standards. (And mine as well!) It will be a new staple in our goodnight book routine. This book would be good for any young reader from birth+.


Noah in suspenders!

The illustrations by Jane Chapman are beautiful; the colors are vibrant and bold.I was blown away by the modern take on Noah’s Ark in this children’s book. I am so happy to be able to share the story with my son in a fun way until he is older and is able to understand the actual bible story of Noah and his ark. Even after he knows the whole story, I will continue to read him this one. I can not stress how in love I am with this book. It’s not too long and not too short. It’s sweet and meaningful. I would recommend it to everyone who wants to teach their children about Noah’s Ark in new way.

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 


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