Jimmie’s Not So (okay a little) Funny Tantrum


Last night we were eating dinner, as a family, like we do almost every night. Jimmie was eating the same exact thing we were eating: garlic/brown sugar chicken, Spanish quinoa, and broccoli. (Sometimes he only has one or two of the things we are eating.)  At first, he happily ate some chicken. Then, once I started giving him the quinoa, that was all he wanted. At one point, he started to cry. He started to refuse to eat the chicken so I tried to trick him. He would watch me as I tried to sneak a piece of chicken on to the spoon with the quinoa and cry more. Or if I managed to get chicken into his mouth, he would cry even harder. I eventually had to just stop feeding him because I didn’t want him to choke on his food. I kept telling Jim, while this was happening, that I refused to beg Jimmie to eat his food. The person that wins in that situation is usually the child. At times like these, I just tell myself over and over again that Jimmie will not starve and he will eat when he is hungry.

At a last attempt to get him to eat something other than quinoa, I gave him his plate with food on it. He started to shovel food into his mouth like he hadn’t eaten for days, and stopped crying. He actually even started to laugh. Use your words, Kid! If you wanted to eat off your plate, you should have just said so, or at least pointed! He was also refusing to eat his apple sauce until I put the bowl in front of him and gave him spoonfuls while he could see into the bowl. Another tantrum completed. This mom had wine after the baby went to bed. 


One thought on “Jimmie’s Not So (okay a little) Funny Tantrum

  1. Stephanie says:

    I have to remind myself of the fact that George wont starve if he won’t eat something I give him. (Normally this isn’t an issue unless he sees the carbs before he is done with his fruits or veggies). I find George’s food tantrums highly entertaining right now. I am sure there will be a day that I don’t though.

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