Friday Five

1. I have been at this blogging thing for about 4 1/2 years. I say it time and time again, and will continue to say it, I do this to keep myself writing and to have something (anything) to show to a future employer. I know this isn’t the best, award-winning writing, but it’s something. It shows that I have continued to put effort into a “job” since I haven’t worked since March 2012. With that being said, I am becoming less and less motivated to blog. I’m sure every blogger goes through this, and now it is my turn. I used to try to post at least three times a week, and now, I feel like all I can muster up the energy for are book reviews (sometimes) and Friday Fives. I’m going to continue to blog but not as religiously. I just don’t have the motivation or the energy. I sometimes feel like motherhood is pecking at my brain leaving less time to think about anything but what to feed Jimmie and when the heck is he going to walk? (Originally I wrote plucking and realized at breakfast that I meant pecking. See what I mean?) One day I will regain my ability to think like a normal adult without stumbling over words in daily conversations. One day.

2. Speaking of parenthood, last night was a doozy. Jimmie did NOT want to fall asleep. It took over two hours for him to finally fall asleep. Those two hours were full or crying, rocking, reading books, checking his diaper to see if he pooped, and calmly telling him to go to sleep. He kept pointing at his night light, so I thought he wanted it off, but he didn’t. Jimmie cannot be rocked to sleep. The last time I did that was maybe when he was around two months old? He definitely hasn’t been rocked since he went into the crib at three months, that’s for sure. So trying to do it last night was a waste, but I did enjoy feeling the weight of his body relax on me. Although, that was just followed by screaming when I put him in his crib. Momma said there’d be days like this….come on tooth number 12! You have to be in today!!

3. We booked our trip to New England. After feeling a bit overwhelmed that we were trying to do too much, we shortened our trip to just two different lodging locations (plus staying with good friends for a few nights, and with Jim’s sister and family for two nights). I say lodging because we booked through airbnb. We are staying in a cabin (with no TV!) in Connecticut and in a lake house in Massachusetts. I am super excited to relax in the woods and look at the water in both places. Jimmie will have his own room (I can’t sleep in the same room as him, hence why we are not staying in a hotel) and we will have space to hang out after he goes to bed. We will not be going to Vermont or New Hampshire this time around but we will be visiting: NY, CT, RI, MA, and ME. Not bad for a 1 week trip!

4. I started Big Little Lies and I am LOVING it.  I decided not to join the book club because it required me to join another club on post. I went to a meeting on Monday and it required time that I didn’t have. Most of the time would have been during the day, and I am obviously with Jimmie during that time. At least I found a great book out of the deal.

5. Anyone get anything good on Amazon Prime Day? I honestly didn’t remember it was happening until 9 PM. I was going to order a cookbook that I had mentioned on here before because I had to return it to the library: Weelicious Lunches. It was about $2 cheaper than it is now, which was a nice bonus, but I was going to buy it anyways. I did get a $3 credit for an ebook purchase by choosing no rush shipping. Usually they only offer $1 credit. I am looking forward to Christmas shopping at Target in two weeks during their “secret” toy sale. Last year I was pushing the stroller and pulling a cart. This year I can put Jimmie in the cart, which will be helpful.


Jimmie’s feelings on Selfies, plus my creepy eyes.



Someone likes to feed himself now. (With his left hand??)


YUM! Good foods to practice with: rice, blueberries, and eggs. Not as messy as liquidy food.


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