Friday Five

1. It is officially monsoon season in Maryland. Didn’t know Maryland had a monsoon season? Oh, me either. Let’s jut call it Summer 2015, the Inaugural Monsoon Season in Maryland. How come it always pours when I’m leaving a store?

2. We have an ant problem and it is super gross. The exterminator I called said it is the worst year for ants and flies in 10 years. Oh, great another momentous occasion in Maryland. Also, I can’t even step outside without getting a bug bite. They love me, they really love me. The ants appeared a few weeks ago and I figured it was from Jimmie throwing his food all over the kitchen. To rectify this, I moved his chair to the other side of the table (away from the window) and started to vacuum in there every day. Carpet….in the kitchen. I’m just as amazed as you are. This seemed to solve the problem (plus some spray and traps) until two days ago. ANTS ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER. Panic ensued (on my part) and I ripped apart the kitchen and cleaned (my ALREADY CLEAN) kitchen. I like to think I am a clean person. I am not one of those, “I don’t have time to clean because I have a kid people.” I clean ALL THE TIME. But apparently, ants do not care. Fast forward to this morning, I wake up with ants IN THE DISHWASHER. You have GOT to be kidding me. As I sit here, I am freaking out and periodically going into the kitchen and killing ants as they appear. I am patiently (not) waiting for either my landlord or realtor to call me back. I already have the exterminator on speed dial. On the other hand, I now know how to take apart my dishwasher, clean it, and put it back together. I’m so handy.

3. Another complaint about my temporary home is that our backyard (if you can call it that) isn’t flat. I put the baby pool out there yesterday (I know…finally) and Jimmie sat there trying to find his balance for 15 minutes. Why is Maryland so hilly?

4. TV show update: I was unhealthily (is that a word?) upset when I found out Pretty Little Liars wasn’t on this week. I was looking forward to it all day. SAHM problems. Also, I stopped watching Big Brother because it is SO BAD this year. Kaitlyn has really dug herself a deep hole on the Bachelorette. Maybe she will end up alone. At this point, if she doesn’t pick Nick, the other guys WILL dump her when they see these episodes play out.

5. How cute are these books? They are little art board books for babies! We got two from the library the other day. Speaking of books: I joined a spouse book club on post. My first meeting will be in a few weeks. I was just notified that the book we are reading is available at the library. I’ll have to go get it today. This month’s book is Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty, a book I have been wanting to read.


Jimmie had A BLAST at the Farmer’s Market last weekend


His cuteness kills me. He is finally getting the fourth bottom tooth!


This bear was given to Jim from his Grandmom almost 30 years ago. Jimmie loves him.


Toby enjoying our grass…


Pool fun!


 I wish this pool had a swim up bar. I need a margarita.


Post-pool snack.


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