Happy 13 and 14 Months, Jimmie!

I was too tired and lazy to do an update for 13 months. I’ll blame it on my wisdom teeth recovery!

Words Jimmie can say: Nothing new. But he can point now which is a helpful form of communication. He also likes to pick up an object and grunt. I assume he is asking what it is. He also babbles a ton of  stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Favorites: Singing, dancing, being outside, swinging at the park.

Weight: 23 1/2 pounds 

Firsts this month: Jimmie can pull up on anything and everything now. He cruises and walks (sort of) when we are holding his hands. He pulled up into regular crawling shortly after his first Birthday. He also got his first molar (and 2nd, 3rd, and 4th!) Jimmie started to point about two weeks ago. Jimmie went to the beach for the first time in May. Some new foods he tried were: strawberry ice cream, plums, mangos, mexican muffins, chocolate chip cookie, peach cake, and cool whip.

Nightly sleep schedule:  For a few weeks he was waking up before 7 and I was going crazy. Not used to all that! But he is back to sleep until about 7 or 7:30. He also still goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 but sometimes it takes him a while to fall asleep. Tried putting him to sleep later, he was too fussy. We are also transitioning to from two naps to one after lunch nap. We were getting stuck in the two is too many but one morning one wasn’t enough. So far, so good!

Favorite toy: Fisher Price Roll-a-Rounds Swirlin Surprise Gumball Machine – he loves putting the “gumballs” in here but also anything else in his playroom. He also loves Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy’s Activity Home.  Jimmie can now stack his rings on their stand too, which is really cool. He can also build a block tower of two or three blocks.

Hardest moment of the month: Teething and a bit of constipation.

Best moment of the month: Our trip to the beach over Memorial Day weekend! Which now feels like forever ago…

13 months 2

13 months





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